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Oleg Volk
March 26, 2000, 11:29 PM
SHot Makarov for the first time in half a year. After multiple .45 pistols, the recoil seems tame even with hor Russian ammo. Accuracy is nice at 21ft (one ragged hole with any ammo type). Feeds anything (Corbons, Blazer JHPs, S&B ball, Fiocchi ball, Russian ball) but S&B has noticably higher point of impact that the rest. Shoots waaaay higher than point of aim at 75ft, I could use more practice.
Noticed that three times the empty magazine ejected after the last shot (different mags), wonder why. My guess is that the Pearce grip somehow deformed in my hand and nudged the heel release.

Point shooting works well except for the first DA shot - requires at least minimal concentration to get it right. All in all, I know why it is in my gun box next to the Glock 21.

Taught my friend to de-cock S&W10 safely...damn, he's not mechanically inclined. We shot his gun in DA and it is veeeery nice and smooth and accurate.

My .22 S&W617 got shot by a few flinching folks to cure their disease :)

I shot a lot with the Winchester 1300 20ga. Slugs are accurate enough: stringed vertically, touching at 75ft. Buck/bridshot works fine and, surprisingly, pointed well from the shoulder and from the hip, though I'd prefer to use the "truglo" bead. Nice smooth operation...wish I could remove the disconnector though, as the trigger re-set is longer than I like.

M1 carbine, as usual, no probs in 45 rounds, accurate enough and points marvelously.

Shot an HK P7M8 predecessor (can't recall the model) and liked it. That guns literally has eyes better than mine. It was harder to operate than the one I saw at the store. Takedown looked very simple. I am still trying to decide about that $730 which I do not have for a mere 8-shot heavy 9mm. A Kel-tec P11 would be more practical and backed by better service, lighter, more ammo...crummier DAO trigger though and less fitting shape...and $530 less. Tough.

Tried a ParaOrdnance P14. Nice but heavy and not remarkably accurate in my hands. 14rd magazines go for $140 each now! Also a PPK in .32 (an Interarms gun but very nice). Its owner is amasingly good with it at 75ft.

Oleg "cornered rat" Volk (JPFO,NRA)


George Hill
March 27, 2000, 03:35 AM
Ever get into riding fast Motorcycles?
I have found that some folks are quite fond of the Yamaha FZR - which by the numbers is a drasticly fast bike. Yet to some, the FZR can feel skittish and thus the pilot doesnt want to "push it" as far as it can go. Hence those numbers are never reached. The bike isnt getting ridden hard enough to reach its potential. The Katana in compairable sizes isnt as fast as the FZR on paper - yet the Katana has a very stable, solid feel that lets it's average rider feel more confident and thus lets the rider go faster... faster than a similarly skilled rider on the FZR.

What does this mean to a shooter?

The M1 Carbine is a heck of weapon to have around. It hits like a .357 Magnum - yet as a shoulder arm its much easier to hit with.
It may not be as accurate as other rifle types... or as powerful - but you can shoot it easier/faster. Makes a great defensive weapon choose to those wanting something easier to use that a pistol = but not as powerful as bigger shoulder arms.