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March 22, 2000, 09:19 AM
1. Have you ever noticed that old guys always get the blame? ShallCarry
(Rich) has been soiling my handguns for over one year and now he
cracks on me for dirtying one "STINKING LITTLE KEL-TEC 32!"
Seriously, I didn't think I would like the little Kel-Tec 32 but I never had
a bauble with it. It must like me. I think some gunsmith somewhere will
be able to do something with the sights. I am not a point and shoot type
guy but I am now. I couldn't pick up the sights. Do I have any other
complaints? Only one, Rich should really keep this little pistol cleaner:-)
2. The next weapon for assessment is the East German Makarov.
Quality of workmanship and trigger are excellent. The 9x18mms, in a
ball configuration, are one of the strangest cartridges I have seen. It
looks like Flash Gordon’s spaceship. Does it shoot? Yes and it does this
well. It is accurate and soft shooting. Do I have other thoughts? Yes, in
the $200 range I question if one wouldn’t be better served with a FEG
or an Arcus High-Power or for a few dollars more a Ruger
semi-automatic. 3. My Sig P220 is a two liner; it is, as Rich says,
accurate and reliable to the point of being boring. I am sorry to say, due
to my prejudices to 1911s, this stock out of the box pistol will shoot with
the best 45acps. 4. The improvements Rich mentioned to one of my
Norincos were an enlarged ejection port, a new front sight and Kim
Ahrends checkered cocobolo grips. With the new front sight it is easier
to pick up, improved ejection via the modification to the port, and the
grips are awesome. If no one has heard of Kim Ahrends his grips are the
equal to any made. How did the Norinco shoot? It is the most accurate
45acp I own. 5. We shot was my 27 with a Glock 23 magazine and
A&G adapter for the magazine. Guess what? This little thing keeps
getting better. If I had a Glock 27 set up like mine is now I doubt if I
would ever have purchased the Glock 23. Yes, it is that good. I had one
bauble and I am sure I limp wristed the pistol. Rich and his friend
experienced no stoppages. 6. Next in the parade my Glock 30. It could
have been born a Sig. Why? It is as accurate as the P220 and reliable to
the point it makes you yawn. We had no jams or stoppages of any kind.
7. My Colt Officers Model now sports Kim Ahrends checkered
cocobolo grips. It came with rubber grips and I do not care for them.
We had no baubles with Chip McCormick 7 round magazines but this
pistol needs a fitted bushing, Novak sights, and a trigger job. As is, it
isn’t as accurate as the other pistols we shot but looks nicer. 8. It is now
time to see Richard eat crow! Why? Regular readers know I am not
overly fond of Kahr pistols. The Kahr 9mm Economy Model I acquired
is reliable, accurate, has descent sights, has a good trigger pull, and is a
joy to shoot. I am sorry for the length of this post. Regards, Richard.

George Hill
March 22, 2000, 09:56 AM
Dont feel bad about liking the P220.
I agree - its one of the worlds best .45s ever. If you want a double action .45 its my First Choice. The HK USP Compact .45 is a close second choice, but still second.
I put the P245 (the Compact version of the P220) right there with the P220.

Another mod you might want to consider is the Ashley Express sights. IMO they are the first mod to make to any pistol. I was hesitant at first about them - they look silly. Then at SHOT 2000 I took a good hard look at them... no my Springfield TRP is sporting them and soon my others will too.

March 23, 2000, 01:22 AM
Now Richard, George is all wrong about that P220. I think you should feel terible for liking it. As a matter of fact, I think you should send that P220 to me so that you may begin to feel better. I know I would!;)LOL

George Hill
March 23, 2000, 04:01 AM
Guilty Pleasures...