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March 8, 2000, 02:03 PM
Well I finally got to take out my new toy, one of the 5 shot bolt-action Romanian .22 training rifles all the distributors are advertising. A buddy with an ffl ordered it for me at his cost +$10 so I got it for about $75 ( I had him order one from SOG and payed the extra $5 for handpicked-- rifle $49 + $5 + shipping + 10). It took a while to scrape all the cosmoline off and out of it, and it turned out to be in pretty decent shape. Mine was made in '72, bluing is about 95%, stock is okay, the finish is just a little rough but the wood is good, a nice piece of birch(?) with some lines and flake in it.
Starting out at 25 yds, it grouped pretty well, but low. I flip up the 50 leaf, and it is still low, so I flip up the 100 leaf and it is finally getting pretty close. I need to adjust the front post, I will have to devise a tool to do so. The sights are good, nice square notch and a hooded thick post that fills it well. The 3 leaf rear is interesting. It also is machined for scope mounting, and I might put one on it, just to really check out it's accuracy. Most of my shooting was done at about 50 yds, and it grouped pretty good when i held it steady, there was a slight breeze blowing (in NE that means about 20 mph). If anybody wants a nice cheap .22 bolt action for plinking or teaching new shooters I would recommend checking one of these out.
I also took out my Remington 597, my TA-90, and my FP9. A good time was had by all.

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March 9, 2000, 03:26 PM
Bergie. How does your rifle feed? My little Romanian .22 doesn't feed well at all from the mag provided. It has turned into a singleshot, but I still like it. It's nice to get back to the basics every once and a while.

March 9, 2000, 06:26 PM
Mine feeds fine. Ran about 200 rounds through it with no problems. I did take the mag apart when I cleaned the gun up, there was probably about a teaspoon worth of cosmoline and crud in it. Pried the back ends of the base plate apart a little bit, slid it off, cleaned it out, light coating of a "dry" spray lube, reassemble and pinch the ends tight.
You might give it a try. If that doesn't help, I have seen mags advertised somewhere, if I can find it I'll post.

March 19, 2000, 11:09 AM
Hey, I can't believe I saw this post. I ordered 10 of those rifles on Friday. $51.75 each. My local gun dealer had one of them behind his counter and let me look at it. It was heavily coated in cosmoline. I can't wait to get them.