View Full Version : Range Report on Total Titanium .45 Colt

Steve Smith
March 15, 2000, 05:28 PM
I posted this on the "handguns" section several days ago, but decided it belonged here too. I have adjusted the accuracy numbers, because I actually measured today...looks like I need to calibrate myy eye again ;) Here goes: Upon visual inspection, the gun looked like it was in great shape, timing felt good, and a SA pull of roughly 3.5 lbs very crisp, DA pull (mostly smooth) of about 9 lbs. I shot CCI Blazer JHP (Gold Dot) ammo, 200 gr. at 1000fps. I began shooting at about 10 yds, just to get a feel for the gun, after, getting used to it, I moved to about 7 yds. At 7 yds, I shot consistend targets in about 1.25" I moved back to 15 yds, and put all rounds into 3" with the rudimentary "belly gun" sights. Recoil was pleasingly powerful, yet not painful at all, and I fired 100 rounds today, some very quickly, with no hand fatigue at all. SA did fine, with no problems at all, but DA, after firing 2-3 rounds quickly, the cylinder didn't want to turn. I determined that the cause was NOT that the bullets were seperating from the cases, but I didn't determine what the problem actually was. After the trip, I bought some Cor-Bon 200gr. 1100fps. loads that I will try to shoot tomorrow, to se if having brass cases vs.aluminum makes a difference (I have seen it before). The sun had been down for about 45 minutes by the time that I was done shooting, but there was some ambient light still. I remember seeing the muzzle flash, but it was so insignificant, that I didn't really note it. I think I noticed the air blast once, but it was not of great concern either. All in all, I really had a great time shooting this gun. I hope that I find a solution to the cylinder problem, and then I'll REALLY be happy with the gun. Please submit your questions and comments...the follow-up range report will soon be posted.