View Full Version : Range report: Ruger SP101

March 10, 2000, 06:30 PM
Just purchased a new Ruger SP101, 2" .357 and promptly did an ammo test.

All types were 5 shots, offhand at 25'.

From worst to best:
UMC 125gr JSP: 3-1/4"
Magtech 158gr SJSP: 2-3/4" (1-3/4" eliminating worst shot)
Handloaded 125gr Speer JHP over 8gr Universal: 2"
Federal 130gr HydraShok: 1-1/4"

Felt recoil was acceptable with the Magtech and HydraShoks, quite
reasonable with the handloads, and downright painful with the UMC
(which I'm sure caused the worst group).

This is going to be my carry gun (switching from a Glock 27), and it's
pretty obvious I'll be loading HydraShoks.

Oleg Volk
March 11, 2000, 04:11 PM
I shot some UMC 125gr in my 686+ (6" barrel) and they were so LOUD that I decided to only fire them outdoors. Switched to 158gr .357 after that. I am sure that firing them for a 2" barrel was uncomfortable as heck.

March 11, 2000, 04:41 PM
I had an SP101 in .357 for a while. With what I thought to be proper defense ammunition, the Fed 357B (125gr HP), it was without question the most unpleasant to shoot revolver I ever touched off. Made my 4" M29 w/ factory ammo seem downright tame.