View Full Version : Range Report: M1991A1

March 1, 2000, 11:20 PM
I'm a novice handgun shooter. Three months now of serious practice.

I put 100 rounds of 230gr ball through my M1991A1 today. At seven yards I got consistant 3 inch groups for the most part.
The trigger on the Colt was unbelievably nice.

I know three inch groups at 21 feet ain't exactly Jeff Cooper, but I was quite pleased. I didn't do nearly as well with my Glock 23 today, which I'm blaming on a NY2 trigger. I ripped that sucker out when I cleaned the Glock and went back to a stock trigger with a #3.5 connector.

I'm looking forward to carrying the Colt as a CCW piece, as soon as it's Lou Alessi Talon Plus holster and some spare mags arrive!

George Hill
March 2, 2000, 02:51 AM
With practice that 3 inch group will shrink to 2 inches. Easily.
With the right ammo combo and severe concentration, you will even be able to see 1 inch groups if your gun is in good condition and everything is tight.
Thats the good thing about the 1911 - it is accurate. Period.

A Glock - with the 3.5 set up can do 2 inches and from what I have seen, no better than 1.5 and that was with a very very good shooter.

Wait a sec - I'm not talking 7 yards... Im talking 14 for the glock, 20 for the 1911.
I kinda skipped the 7 yard comment. :D