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The specialist
February 26, 2000, 12:38 PM
I was at the range last night with my wife' and three friends. We had the range to our selves for most of the evening, at about 11pm two guys came in each with his son. They took up lanes at the opposite end of the range and proceeded to shoot. When people I have never seen at the range come in I usually check them out from a distance. Thi allows me to make a determination of their gun safety skills, and wheather or not I should head on home. This night was different though, I did'nt pay attention to the new guys because I had my hands full with the people I had with me. I only allowed one to shoot at a time so I could coach. Well after hundreds of rounds we all decided to take a break and went out to the sitting area. While enjoying conversation and a soda , one of the men came out to talk to his son who was sitting out at a table. What disturbed me the most was that this guy came from the firing line weapon in hand, trigger on the finger, round in the chamber. Well he broke several safety rules and a club rule of "guns secured in a holster or unloaded in a case before you leave the firing line. I was pset but I am 30 and this guy was pushing 45-50 with his 14 or 15 yo son , and I did'nt want to say any thing to embarress him in front of his son. Finally his son went back into the range and the guy broke another rule he left his loaded gun on a table unattended. He went into the bathroom and proceeded to .... Well I went in and washed my hands , he sais hi and I told him he had just broken several key safety rules as wellas a major club rule. He responded he was sorry and that no one had ever told him, including his instructor. Well this was a suprise because all new members to the club take orientation on the club rules and this stuff is drilled into you with a test at the end. As for his instructor I would like to know who he is. Well anyway I told the guy I was'nt trying to embarress him, or I would saaid something with everyone else present, and that this stuff is common sense and that people like him gave the good guys a bad name when accidents happen and to please be more careful. He once again apoligized. Is it me or is this stuff scary ???? I think it is good that states are requiring safety courses for permits, but it obviusly is'nt working to well cause I live in a state that requires it. This guy had just gotten his permit. Well sorry to ramble I just had to vent , cause I did'nt blow my top at this guy. By the way the rest of the night till 2 am when I left the guy was more concientious. :)

February 26, 2000, 11:28 PM
I've noticed that once the new shooters are done with the safety courses they tend to go right back to the unsafe handling. It's probably not the instructors fault. They only get the new guy for a while, it then falls to those who know to ride them about it a little and make them believe that those rules that went out the window when the class was over were for real. Good Job, letting the guy know how you felt without cranking on him will probably help him become safer in the future.

George Hill
February 28, 2000, 03:19 AM
Okay - this is a topic all in my area...
#1. Never be afraid to point out a safety violation. The life you save could be yours... or better yet - your loved ones.
If a guy you dont know is at the range and is screwing up... let him know... Polite, yet firm. If its a friend... be firm as well. Tell them what and why. Most of the time, they just spaced it off. Most gun accidents occure because of a thoughtless act. Motorcycle riders and shooters are often the most carefull people you will ever meet. Because if they aint - they get hurt. So when you see one screwing up - well, most of the time I have got a thanks for letting me know response.
#2. Not saying anything in front of the kid - or girlfriend - or posse - who ever else... thats good. If you can do it. Saves Face of the man in the wrong, gives him a chance to correct himself and keep his dignity. BUT - if you cant do that... if you say "Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?" and he doesnt pay heed... There it is - Let him have it in front of everyone. Let everyone hear and know why.


If they dont listen and keep up the poor behavior - leave the area. Tell the rangemaster, range owner, or if there is none - anyone else on the range and warn them about the dangerous idiot on the range.
If you got a guy like Fatty who is blatant and offensive... kick him out, or have him kicked out... Guys like that are not worth having around your range.