View Full Version : Class 3 sawed off shotgun stock modification

August 16, 2011, 09:01 PM
New to the forum and have done some searching on this topic but haven't found much help. I am planning a 20 gauge double barrel sawed off NFA project. I'm in the planning stage and will file my paperwork for the stamp soon. I will cut the barrels to about 13" and have an overall 21-1/2" length. I want to refinish the barrels and receiver to a quality finish and have a gun I am proud to show. The stock is my only concern. I want to cut the original pistol grip stock to leave only the pistol grip but don't know what to do with the hole that will be left in the grip where the bolt goes through that attaches stock to receiver. How have some of you handled this in a cosmetically pleasing manner? I may even have the grip re-checkered and nicely finished to complement the other re-finishing. Any suggestions, thoughts, links, or pictures would be appreciated.