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January 30, 2000, 10:28 AM
Has anyone here gone to Black Water Lodge for a firearm course? A co-worker of mine went last summer to BWL and reported the training was very good but he felt like he was in boot camp. Up early , yelled at, and intense training. Most folks in his class were leo's and their dept's were footing the training bill. He said he remembers thinking to himself on day 3, I've paid good money to subject myself to this abuse.
He told me he thinks BWL is so rigourous because most students are either leo or military and the course price is not coming from their pocket. Also BWL is run by some ex-seals.
My co-worker is not a wimp, he was in the Marines about 20 years ago and said the training was good, but just kind of intense for a guy wanting to go hone his shooting skills.
He is going to try out Thunder Ranch this summer.

George Hill
January 31, 2000, 02:54 AM
I took a class there - and I loved it.
It was intense. But now - I am more of an executive when it comes to those matters. I have done the Boot thing. I wouldnt go back.
The only person that yells at me and gets away with it is my wife. Anyone else will have a fight on there hands.

Thunder Ranch is good, but if hes from the east - Check out Mid-South... They do good work there too.

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