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January 23, 2000, 09:56 AM
Some days I wonder about my own mental state, but on saturday my friend and I drove my Blaser through several snowbanks to get right on the firing line of our local range. Good thing we did, it was 15 below zero and about 45 below with the wind chill.

This made for some interesting shooting! we had a #4 Enfield and two AK variants along for the ride. Because I was curious, I left my AK outside the whole time to see if I could get it to pack up.

Let me tell you, while the AK isn't much of a paper puncher, it is plenty accurate enough to bust milk jugs out to 200 yards or so, and we put both of them to work doing just that.

My shooting suffered a little after I left a goodly amount of cheek skin frozen to my stock, :eek: but once I got things re-arranged, it went much better. My stamped MAADI AK went the whole distance with nary a bobble, but my friend's Norinco had some trouble at one point, but seemed to come out if it as it warmed up.

The Enfield shot perfectly, of course.

It was a pretty abbreviated session, shoot until you shiver, jump in the truck until you stop, jump back out again and shoot some more. Our milk jugs froze solid on us, but we didn't mind, they still went "bloosh!" if you hit them. :D

A good time was had by all, enjoyable session despite the inclement weather. I've never been much of a fan of AK style weapons, but I'm growing steadily more impressed as I shoot them, they are simple and reliable. :cool:

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George Hill
January 24, 2000, 03:11 AM
There already is one Winter Olympic shooting sport - the Biathalon. This is where you ski to the different stations and then shoot at small targets with a .22 caliber rifle.

Artech may have hit on a new sport that I think many of us here at TFL would find enjoyable.
The problem is the scoring and how to televise this in a way that its not compaired to Ice Fishing. The man hold up is the WARM UP and ReHeating segments - that I guess if it was prerecorded could just be left out altogether. We could call it the "Ice Bloosh" or "Blooshing".

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