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January 19, 2000, 02:29 PM
On Sat. I purchses a new Marlin 1894CS rifle.
A friend and I then when to the outdoor range in Huntington, NY to try it out. We shot some winchester ,357 125 gr smi-jacted hollow pts and 2 boxes of Win 130 gr fmj .38s (the white box brand). I haven't shot a rifle in about 2 years, so my groups were pretty wide, it also took me awhile to get used to the sights. My rifle shot a little high and to the left at 50 yards. The .357 ammo had alot less recoil than I was expecting (unless it was all the layers of clothing). I was also surprised that their was no muzzle blast. I guess he 18 inch barrel allowed all the powder to burn. The .38 spls felt like shooting .22's.

It was very cold that day, about 15 degrees Luchly I dresed very warmly, but after a few hurs my hands were really freezing. Luckily there was almost no wind, so we did not have to deal with windchill. Hopefully I can go out shooting again this weekend (it should be about 30 dreees on Sat). The only thing that would stop we is getting my paperwork in the mail for my NYC target handgun permit. It should be coming any day now. I had alot of fun with this rifle.

Chris Nemeth

George Hill
January 21, 2000, 04:16 AM
If its any help - Cold weather can aid shooting. The cool air keeps heat from rising across the ground between you and your target, keeps your barrel cooler, and can all add up to more consistant shooting.
Consistant shooting is good... unless your shooting consistantly bad. :)

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