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January 8, 2000, 07:56 PM
Wanting to make some metal(I can spell that one) targets for handgun practise for me and the wife. Does anybody have some plans, or can you give me a description of some easy to build plans, that would be portable and easy to set up and take down, for an afternoon of shooting. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Also any suggestions on thickness of metal to use would be useful. We'll be shooting 9mm's. Thanks guys.

January 11, 2000, 01:26 PM
Send me a note to me directly and I can help you out. I have an easy to build, inexpensive steel target set up I can tell you about. It would be easier on regular e-mail than this board

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George Hill
January 12, 2000, 06:47 AM
If you can find some old ironing boards... they make a great pattern or target.
As for a target stand... You can get them to prop up on its own legs.

I like to build my own stands outta 2x4s.
I dont follow any real plan and only make a couple of cuts.
1. Lay 2 boards side by side.
2. Insert between those 2, 2 more that stick out.
3. Take your Dewalt driver and pump in a few old sheet rock screws to hold them together.
4. Take 2 more boards and make an H shape with the ends of the first 2... this gives you the support so you can stand the Stand up.
5. Now you should have a wood H on the ground, with 2 boards standing up straight.
6. Screw on a board across the top, and one across the bottom. Staple on a large sheet of card board over the frame. Bingo.
You got your target stand.
I bet you got the stuff around your garage.
You can make them big, to handle a B-27 style target (No Bomber jokes guys - I am talking about the standard police target), or you can make them smaller - For say... Womens magazine covers that feature Rosie or any other Big Old Windbag. The small targets are good for plinking with .22s and stuff.
But - if you gotta .223 rifle and you dont have a lot of space - 25 yards is a good zero distance as it is also a 250 yard zero with only a 3 inch high point in the ballistic arch. Out here in Utah - you can drive out into the desert, kick a couple stands out of the back of your truck, you got an instant range. Your odometer can click off 1 mile for that .50 cal rifle you got... :)
Utah Rocks...

"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud

January 12, 2000, 04:30 PM
NJW, I sent you out an email. George, thanks for the wood target stand. I'm over here in Grand Junction, CO. and its easy for us to drive out to BLM ground and practise our shooting also. Was just over at Hooper a couple of weeks ago, riding some mules on Antelope Island. Do you have any experience on shooting steel targets? Had some questions - What thickness are they for handguns? Do you set them up at an angle or hinge them at the top to deflect the bullet into the ground? Is there a safe minimum distance you would recommend to shoot at? Thanks guys.

January 12, 2000, 11:02 PM
I would suggest that you consider making your targets the "spinning" type. Instant feedback and you don't have to run to set the target back up. They are fairly easy to make if you weld or know someone who does. A bunch of friends and I made up a few double spinners out of scrap steel in an afternoon. They are every bit as good as comercial types. As to patterns, sorry I do not have any but it should be fairly easy to find one on the net.



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George Hill
January 13, 2000, 04:33 AM
Never did very much shooting at steel targets. Well, plates anyways...
Do Tanks count?

Grand Junction - I love that city.
I been to that PD several times (Not as a "Client") There are some good fellows there.
One G.J. Officer was teaching at my Academy - In Rangely, CO.
During the Arrest Control sessions he kinda accidently tore my rotor cuff in my shoulder.
No hard feelings... My Bad. I was more stubborn than I should have been.
Took him a lot more effort to throw me than he was expecting. :D

I am out in Vernal, Ut quite often... not too far from you. My second favorite country, next to the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest.

"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud

Jack Straw
January 13, 2000, 09:51 AM

I've made steel targets from 3/16" steel that hold up well enough to lead bullets, but FMJ bullets will dent the plates. Most of the commercially sold pistol targets (for up to .44cal) are made of 3/8", so I would suggest you use that thickness. I made spinning targets using 6inch square plates and 3/8" diameter steel rods; they are basically the same design as the commercially sold spinners (ie.. a 12" square frame with 4" legs that I drive into the ground and a target that hangs from a piece of pipe on the top rail). It helps that I have my own welding equipment, but you can probably get someone to do it for a very small charge; its just a few very simple welds, nothing ornate or complex.

You will have a lot of fun shooting these things!!!

E-mail me if you would like some other more complex ideas or have other questions.


January 14, 2000, 12:48 AM
George, made two wooden stands today using your description - you were right, I had plenty of materials just laying around to do the job. Jack Straw, thanks for the info on the steel targets, that will be my next undertaking. :)