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George Hill
December 28, 1999, 10:06 AM
As I posted elsewhere - I got skunked on a new gun this year. But many of you lucky SOBs got one OR MORE!
When you get to shoot that new iron - Give me a report here... Let us know how it went...

Let my live vicariously through you...
Will have to talk to these in laws about gift giving! ;)

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December 28, 1999, 10:53 PM
Got a Rem 597. Nice little rifle, comfortable fit, pretty accurate, CHEAP rear sight, I do like the sight picture, I just don't care for the construction. Ran 2 boxes of Super-X through it, just getting the sight adjusted and then some casual plinking at cans and stuff. I like it a lot and will probably put a scope on it.
Anyway, thats the one I got for Christmas and my wife knows about, She don't know about the present I had a buddy with an ffl order for me that has not arrived yet. I guess that will be another range report or two ;)

December 29, 1999, 06:50 AM
Winchester Trapper in .45LC. :) Shoots like a dream. Big holes :) Much milder recoil than the .44Mag version, even when using reduced .44mag loads. I loaded some cast 240gr lead for the .44 that are the same velocity as the .45LC 250gr. The .45LC has a different feel to it. The best way I can describe it is a push instead of a sharp rap. It may have been the ammo, but when I mentioned it to the sales guy at the gun store, he told me he felt the same thing. Lever guns forever!!! The Marlin Cowboy II in .357Mag was also included in the Christmas celebration, even though it was a somewhat early present. Mostly I did it to spite my anti-gun sister in law by opening a gun on Christmas Day,,hehe. Worth every second of it. ;). I also broke down and caved in to Y2K goofiness by getting myself 10 rounds of 12 ga slugs for stocking stuffers. If it ever gets so bad that I have to resort to slugs in the 870, we are in deep do-do. ( I say that because I only resemble someone that knows one end of a shotgun from the other, I need a LOT of range time with the 870). I shoot the .45LC and the Marlin Sunday. Both were a great deal of fun. Worked up some .38Sp for the Marlin that worked OK. It definatly likes the .357Mag case better though. I only had 10 rounds of .45 for the Trapper, and most of the stores were out of .45LC so I didn't get too much time to play with it. I'm going to work up some loads using 230gr cast lead rn that I hear will work pretty well in both the Trapper and in the .45ACp for the Kimber. That will probably be my Jan project. Work up a loading for both .45LC and .45ACP.

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December 30, 1999, 05:27 PM
Finally got a chance to try out the A4, and I must say WOW! :)
I set the sights dead center on a 25 yd pistol target at 125 yds.
Loaded up a few 5 round belts to sight it in, half-loaded one, drew back twice on the bolt handle, and let it rip!
As the sound of thunder was still echoing through the valley below, I walked over to check the target. 5 shot group only measured 2 3/4", and it was 6" low and 3" to the right. I adjusted sights and tripod accordingly, and continued to fire off the other short belts. I ended up with a 5" ragged hole in the center of the target.
Next week (when all the kiddies are back in school) I'll run a few 50 and 100 round belts through, and see how she acts.
Oh yeah, if you're wonderin' how I got such a tight group (for an A4), I used sandbags AND weights off the John Deere to hold the tripod down, and I shimmed the mount so the reciever wouldn't move at all. ;)

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