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December 25, 1999, 12:55 AM
Last Sunday, I peeved an old 1911 owner by opining that Glocks are what 1911s used to be: dirt-eating unstoppable combat guns, 100% reliable out-of-the-box. Told him horror stories of all the 1911s that I've owned, which wouldn't work without major smithing. They're accurate as hell, but that wasn't the purpose behind Browning's Baby. Surprisingly, he agreed after I made my case.

Well, I stopped in at my dealer on my way to the range today. I'm her Designated Tester; my job is to try to break the used guns she gets, and to diagnose malfunctions. Today's projects were a Glock 23 which was in a car's glove box when the car's owner decided to make his vehicle occupy the same space/time coordinates as a telephone pole, and an ancient Gummint, history unknown. I mean *ancient*, serial number 3866xx, no bluing left, bore looks like an ashtray, about 1/16" lateral slide play.

I detailed the 23, noted no problems, and fired 2 13-round mags of reloaded .40 through it. Shot to point-of-aim (nice Trijicon sights), no malfs, no big deal.

Then I broke down the Gummint and examined it. Like I said, the bore looked like hell, but the rifling was in good shape. Loaded up with Blazer 230gr FMJ, and let loose. No malfs, and the bullets went where I told them to.

Loaded another mag, UMC 230gr FMJ, held the gun upside down in my left hand, firing with my little finger. Accurate? S*** no, but again, no jams.

One more mag, limp-wristed Gangsta Grip. Results: you guess.

Now *this* 1911 is perfect. Perfectly ugly, true, but in terms of the 1911's purpose, it's a beauty. Think I'll tell Sue that I need to keep it for an undetermined length of time, just to, uh, make absolutely sure of its reliability. Yeah, that's it. Or maybe I should send it to Colt with a note: "THIS one works. Suggest you recalibrate your CNC machines to this gun's specs." :)

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December 25, 1999, 03:58 PM
Designated Tester sounds like a great job. Need an assistant?

I don't know much about 1911s; I've never fired one. Someday I'll have to do so just to see what all of the hoopla is about.

You're right about the original purpose of the 1911. It was intended for field-use (dirty) conditions. Not that there's anything wrong with what Wilson and Les Baer does with 'em.

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