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Josh Smith
August 13, 2011, 09:14 AM
Hi Folks,

Many of you have been asking about sight pushers or bent Mosin bolts, or other work.

I’ve been seeking out folks who, like me, run small businesses that have to do with the Mosin-Nagant, and offering them space on my website, www.smith-sights.com .

Two are up so far, and another two will be coming next week!

The two who are up now are a gunsmithing service specializing in the Mosin-Nagant (you can “buy now” a bent bolt handle service, and there is a service list with prices on the page) and a manufacturer of a sight pusher. He makes them for both rifles and carbines, and any of his products my be bought from his page.

They have their own contacts and payment accounts; I do not have anything to do with their businesses aside from giving them sellers’ pages on my website.

Two more will be added this coming week: One is a manufacturer of compensators, and the other, 1” recoil pad/LOP extenders.

This is all in an effort to bring you everything you need for your Mosin-Nagant!

They are listed in the right-hand column of the main page at www.smith-sights.com . Just scroll down and look right!


Josh Smith

Josh Smith
August 15, 2011, 01:07 PM

As an addendum, Redbird has been added for the 1" recoil pad/spacer and stripper clips. Blkcwbyhat has inline muzzle compensators listed.