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December 3, 1999, 08:18 PM
Took my white muzzleloader to the range today. Opening day of muzzleloading season, of course, but I wasn't the only one doing the last minute stuff. Anyway found out I was way left of the bull and the windage dial was maxed out. Wound up shiming the scope rings with strips of target paper. Worked just like I knew what I was doing and nobody will know but me. Anybody else face this dilemma?;l


December 3, 1999, 08:37 PM
Awwww, crap again. I was thinking one thing, and talking about another. Duhhhh! Must be those twelve hour shifts getting to me. I was thinking bases, not rings. Neat trick with the rings. If I remember right, Burris has ring shims with their Signature Series scope rings. Might be worth checking into if you want a more permanent fix.

Awwwww....you had to go and make me rack my brain. Somewhere at home, I have notes about such a thing. If I remember correctly, for cheap shimming that works, you can use a piece of an aluminum can to shim an aluminum scope base. If you have a steel base, you can cut a piece of rifle brass, pound it flat and use it for a shim.
After hearing your case about sighting in your muzzleloader, I feel lucky. I did a rough sight-in of mine in the house, then went out and shot it. It was dead center, but 4 inches low. A couple of clicks of correction, and I was overlapping shots. May your next sight-in be as easy.

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