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November 7, 1999, 04:40 AM
Another Range Review from this asian guy.

I took my friend and his girlfriend out to the range today, cuz she wanted to go, and she was a first timer. The range I normally go to was close, so i went to Los Altos Rod and Gun Club (LARGC)

This place rocks. 4 seperate ranges, trap, pistol, 40 yrd. tin can alley, 50 yrd target, 100 yrd tin can alley and target. The people there were kind and helpful. Safety is their #1 concern.

Prices are reasonable for this area. $10 rgne fee, for all day , then the targets are a reasonable prices for a range. and sundays, ladies get 10% off everything.

They sell ammo at the range office, and ther are vending machines for little snacks.

I only shot at the 50 yrd target range, becasue I didn't anticipate going there today. It was pretty good, plenty of lanes and there is all kinds of fun to be had there. we met a guy named bill who brought out to the range today, an AR and a HK 91 (original HK receiver) he forced me and my friend to shoot the HK 91 because we had expressed a little interest in the gun. once again good people out there.

I don't have the number or the address in front of me, but a search on Yahoo will bring up a couple hits.
they are open Thursday-Sunday 9-5 (9-4 between nov 1 - apr 1).

It ain't mah fault. did I do dat?

November 14, 1999, 06:06 PM
I used to shoot there at least twice a month year round. It's the only thing in CA that I miss.

Mal H
November 14, 1999, 06:48 PM
Is the LARGC within a short distance from Sunnyvale/Santa Clara (short = less than 1 hr drive)? I get out there quite often and would like to be able to visit a range on occasion. Is it open to visitors from out of state? I have been to the Sunnyvale Gun Club, it's a great setup, but it's members and guests only.

November 14, 1999, 08:15 PM
LARGC (LAGRC) is like 30-40 mins form SCU. off take highway 9 into the hills make a left on skyline, and you will see the sign on your right. They didn't check ID, just had me sign in.
more shooting positions than sunnyvale, and more variety in what you can do, but sunnyvale is a little more protected from the weather.

It ain't mah fault. did I do dat?

Mal H
November 15, 1999, 05:31 PM
Got it. That's not a bad drive at all. Thanks, I 'preciate it.