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October 31, 1999, 05:38 AM
I had some light loads in .38Sp that I used in my Smith and Wesson model 19. Figured they would work OK in the new Marlin Cowboy II. 11 or so did. 1 didn't. My shooting buddy Jim was pretty happy about it though. He got to the range a short time after I stuck one in the barrel. It saved him from the temptation of shooting the Marlin ( And a few hundred bucks as well). The news on the Marlin started out pretty bad, and got worse as I shot it. Great rifle, handles like a dream, silk smooth action, heavy octagonal barrel stays put on target, even the heaviest full magnum loads are tame in it because of the weight. The problem starts at the end of the shoulder stock, meaning me! I just plain suck with this gun! It was pretty fitting that my day(at least the day as far as the Marlin was concerned)would end on such a sour note. There is hope though. My first few times out with the Winchester Trapper in .44 mag, plus my attempts to work up a good range load were less than stellar also. The good news yesterday was the Trapper. I managed to put together a real respectable group of my 240 gr handloads at 50 yards. Love that little carbine!

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George Hill
November 2, 1999, 02:03 AM
Thats interesting - and reaffirms a belief I have... Some times a gun just doesnt like you. I have seen things like that Marlin happen before.
I have had guns that I just could not for the life of me, hit with. Or get to function. Or get a good draw with...
Hand the gun to the person to my left... NO PROBLEM.
And likewise - the person to my right is firing poorly, or poor function even after "doing it right." I take the gun and I show Zero Defects.
Rifles, Pistols, SMGs, MGs, MK19, M-203, Dragon IIs, and 60MM Morts... It can happen anywhere. Some times - the gun just doesnt like you.

Cars can be like this too - but thats a whole other ball of wax.
The only fix is to sell it, and get a gun that loves you back.

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November 2, 1999, 09:51 AM
I had a little Belgian Browning takedown 22 rifle that I dearly loved. The only problem was it was so small I never could get my head low enough to get a good sight picture. Some guns are not meant for some people.

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