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George Hill
October 13, 1999, 03:42 AM
Last Sunday I was able to do some testing of several different types of 30 round magazines.

I lined up a GI mag, a steel mag for 10 bucks at the last gunshow, a GI with the new improved green follower, an Orlite mag and a Thermold mag.

The GI magazine performed as usuaul...
The GI with the green follower did about the same. I kinda liked it more - but I didnt see the advantage in this range session.
The cheapy gun show special was very tinny and felt weak. It jamed twice - double feeds - and once even unzipped the 28 rounds I had loaded in it.
The Orlite worked pretty well - but the top of the mag started to look a little chewed up after about 100 rounds.
The Thermold was good too - second to the GI mags. It held the rounds firm and let them strip out with ease. After 100 rounds it was a little dirty - but still looked good. It did not show any signs of the wear that the Orlite did.

The Orlite and the Thermold mags are good magazines - I suspect the orlite was just getting roughted in and will not wear further. One thing about these poly mags - they black stays black and doesnt wear grey like the steel mags do. They have no finish to wear off. The dark black looked good... felt good too...
I think over all I am going to stay with the GI mags. They take down for cleaning easy and can be repaired to some degree if there is a failure.

By the way - shooting was done with my newest Bushmaster. I just finished building this one last week and it begged to be taken out. It's a flat top, 24 inch barrel with Buck Rogers like grooves and a custom muzzel break. I had an Aim Point mounted because I have yet to find a scope I like enough to buy. I got a PSG1 pistol grip on it with my Harris bypod. (shooting with 30 rounders with the bi pod ment I had to hang the magazine off the bench as it wanted to sit tripod like. The stock has a kinda "hook" on the bottom that is supposed to aid prone shooting. She is still a littel stiff being brand new and all. Accuaracy was exceptional. Would be much better with the right optics... Will have to test this out in the future.

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

October 16, 1999, 03:13 AM
I too am about to pick up another Bushmaster. I think a Vmatch 16" 'Commando' Carbine, with the front sight milled off if I can find it, with it left on if not. I am going to mount a Simmons 2.5 x 10 x 50. Took it off my M1A I just sold so I could replace with Bushmaster. That 50mm really draws in the light. It was an excellent scope on my M1A. Assume it will be same on new Bushmaster. I just got 10 GI mags from KY Imports out of SGN. $19.95 ea and they were anodized aluminum. They said they were steel prior to shipping, but a quick grit blast on one proved otherwise. They came in 'really dirty' but cleaned up quite well. I used 'Stove Brite' as my external paint, as it is heat resistant. And it comes in a dark grey that looks pretty good. And refinish is about $4 for all ten, so I can redo them any time I feel like.

George Hill
October 19, 1999, 12:35 AM
Sounds like a great scope you have...
Good magazines are key. In Bushmasters they are vital. Aluminium mags and I dont get along. 19.95 each for real GI mags is a steal these days. Havn't seen that price for at least a year now. I remember them for 5 - 10 dollars each a couple years ago - now 30 - 35 is a good deal.
If I only knew then what I know now...

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Long Path
October 19, 1999, 08:09 PM
As one who owns 2 Simmons 50mm scopes, I have to warn you: it's ungainly as HELL! You just don't really realize how big and huge that 50mm objective lens bell is until you've mounted it on a rifle. In my case, it's on a Sendero which weighed 8.5 lbs out of the box, with a 26" bull barrel, anyway, so it's not that big a hinderance. But in the instance of a handy little Bushmaster... your carbine just doubled in size, it feels like. BTW, with those scopes, I found the very widest you could possibly set the rings, the better-- they want to flex a bit.

Oops! Looking back over your post, I see that you have mounted it on an M1A (so've I, and it works GREAT! :)).
Will you, too, be one who stands in the gap?


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Larry P.
October 24, 1999, 01:09 AM
George, sounds like you're describing a fluted barrel, yes? I have two, and agree that they sure look snazzy, especially when you consider how well they WORK!

My flattop is 20", I put the armored 3-9X scope Bushmaster sells on it and it seems well worth the reasonable price they charge.

My other fluted barrel I haven't gotten mounted yet, a 14.5" with the muzzle brake, gonna try to do that in the next few weeks.

I have a buncha 30-rd mags, I think they're Orlite, seem to work real fine. But what I usually prefer is using 20-rd mags like the only thing I could get while in 'Nam. Now I see the reason! Forget hangin' sideways off the bench to accomodate the 30-rd, get some 20s and you'll see that was how the bipod was meant to be used.

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