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October 12, 1999, 12:48 PM
My first handgun! :D

After diddling about with the notion of buying a rifle, I tried a Glock 17 at the local indoor range. So much for the rifle!

I went to the Sheriff's office and got a heinous "North Carolina Handgun Purchase Permit": $5, 5 day waiting period, background check, even for private sales. Ugh. So, after unsuccessfully trying to find a Finger Groove and Rail model G19 for under $580, I took pity on the used 2nd generation model gathering dust in a dealer's display case, and bought it. $430 with one hi cap and $30 bucks off a holster purchase. Pretty good for around here.

I took 50 rounds of Atlanta Arms reloads, and a 20 rounds of 115 gr +P CorBons and rented a lane. Everything was fine (except my so-called "groups") until I put 5 rounds of CorBon in the hi cap and pulled the trigger: "So that's what a nose-dive looks like. Neat! Um, I mean, dammit!" I couldn't get more than two of the JHPs to feed without a nose-dive.

The dealer ordered me another mag spring, and the following week I went out in the back yard with 100 rds of the reloads, and another box of CorBons, which was all I could afford. I didn't have any malfunctions with the hollow points, loading five at a time into the mag. Not what I would call an exhaustive test, no, but so far, so good, and for now, it's just a target gun, anyway. More testing as finances allow.

As for my accuracy, well... I almost got a two inch group at 10 yards! :D More like three inches, really, but I'll take what I can get. Marked improvement is evident, more practice as finances allow.

The real fun is in food stuffs: two cans of tomato soup, a large can of baked beans, and two un-opened bottles of my wife's Corona. Much exploding ensued. I'll have to stand back a little more the next time I CorBon a bottle of something, though. I found bits of glass in my range bag, which was behind me. :)

And that poor, unwanted little gun! I mean, I knew it was uncleaned when I bought it, but when I detail stripped it, it was filthy, inside and out. The previous owner must've bought into the "only needs to be cleaned every 10,000 rounds" bit, and skipped it altogether. Monster! Anyway, it has a loving home now.

I also found out, when stripping it, that it has a NY1 trigger spring in it, which is what...7 or 8 lbs of pull? No wonder I sucked so bad! Standard spring and, for later, a 3.5 lb connector are in the near future.

So. Good for me! :D

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October 12, 1999, 01:48 PM
Good deal. The G17 is a sweet li'l (for a Glock, anyway) shooter. Wolff +5 mag springs should take care of the nosedive.

Every used gun I've ever bought (and there's a lot of 'em) has been just nasty. People seem to think that guns are either indestructible or disposable, and never bother to give them any sort of TLC... then they bitch about the gun being unreliable. Sheesh.

Now, Ken, you need to get a 1911... and an HK USP... and a Beretta... and a couple of S&W wheelguns... and... :)

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October 16, 1999, 03:19 AM
I know it costs more, but Glocks REALLY LIKE factory ammo. Not necessiarly going all the way to Corbon, but try some lower priced factory loads and see if shooting improves. It always has when other Glock shooters I instruct are only shooting reloads.

October 20, 1999, 12:03 PM
Thanks, Wallew. I bought the reloads (Atlanta Arms) out of convenience, but I've found that they're more expensive than most of the factory plinking stuff. A money maker for the range. Oh well.

Coin- More guns, eh? I'll have to give HS and The Critic a call for T&E samples. "Try Before You Buy!"

And it's not a NY1 trigger spring, turns out it's a NY2. Good God! 11 pounds of pull! Unacceptable. I already have a the standard spring and 3.5lb connector coming, along with a 20lb recoil spring. Mix in a higher quality of ammo, and plenty of it, and I wonder how much my accuracy will improve? Yes, I know, it's practice, not equipment, but still, every bit helps.

And, you know... goodies! :D

George Hill
October 20, 1999, 11:58 PM
The 3.5 pound connector is fantastic - The only Glocks I would ever own would require that set up.
You will be very pleased with it.

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