View Full Version : How my wife wanted to spend her birthday

October 14, 1999, 04:41 AM
1.)Sleep in.
2.)Take the dog out for a hike in the woods.
3.)Go shooting!
4.)Go out out to eat.
5.)Go bowling.
6.)(Family board so the last is best left out)

The good news/bad news part. Her birthday Winchester still has not come back from the factory (3 weeks) so she had to use my Browning lever action .22. The Browning just returned from the factory where they smoothed and lightened the trigger. Browning did an acceptable job, although it still is much heavier than the Wincherster 9422, but the creep and mush are gone. My wife was doing a fine job of disintegrating the center of the target at 25 yards, so we moved up to the 50 yard range. There she managed to keep the majority of her shots on the 25 yard slow fire pistol target. All in all a fun way to spend the day. Even if I did have to bowl 3 games ;) (Bowling pins should never be used for anything except targets IMHO)

CCW for Ohio action site.

George Hill
October 14, 1999, 05:14 AM
Bowling Pins are targets... its just that some people take the big-slow slug theory to the extreme!

"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud

Mal H
October 14, 1999, 12:11 PM
You're sure it was her birthday and not yours? Sounds like a fun day was had by all.

Now let's all try to figure out the kinetic energy and momentum required for a bowling ball to get a strike ... not!

Jessica Wellman
October 14, 1999, 10:03 PM
What a great day together Hal. I'll remember that list when my birthday rolls around. My husband has already ask me what I wanted for Christmas. My reply, "AMMO, and lots of it."
:D :D :D

October 19, 1999, 02:59 PM
I can remember betting a guy my armor piercing .45 round would go through a bowling
ball ( early KTM round ) So since he worked
for a bowling ally we went outside and
proceeded to do the deed. The bowling ball
won but was not in too good a shape; it sort
of clattered when rolled down the ally.
( back alley that is )