View Full Version : Kids,Wife&Me

October 12, 1999, 07:13 PM
Had to go down state to a wedding and got to stay at the old home place.(nice to get to see dad)Took the shotgun,glocks,trap and three boxes of clay.
Well the boys had to shoot as soon as we got there, I needed a nap,300+ miles and I get tired. The boys shot very bad and I couldn't straighten them up. The Wife did very well,suprised both of us.
The youngest is just one scrawny little kid and can't hold the shotgun up. All I had were the glocks and he had to shoot. Well the G22 just didn't feel right but he shot it ok . It didn't jump out of his hands so I got the G35,Look out! We were using the clay targets for him to shoot at,the distant was 12 feet and 3 ft high. I got a pistol shooter on my hands. He can't get enough.
Now for the B.S. story or the shot of the week. There is a pond down the hill from where we were shooting. I had some handloads, 155g JHP using 7.5 g unique. The pond is 125yds away and the round hit the pond hard and didn't drop like I thought. The kids wanted me to shoot at a stump at the shallow end,took me four shots to hit it. One round hit the mud, so Buck had to look for it. Those Remingtion 155jph expand well even at 125 yds. It's all fun.
Well thats my report,such as it is.
Stay safe.