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September 30, 1999, 01:23 PM
Hey guys. ok next week I'm doing a little tour of this state. I have several days off from school so I'm visiting friends all over the state. next wed and thursday I will be in Davis. friday afternoon to tuesday night I will be somewhere between SLO and SD.
I need to find a place to shoot in San Diego, Santa Barbara, Davis/Sac, and LA. because I have people in all these cities that want to shoot with me. indoor outdoor doesn't matter. The only requirement is that I can shot either my 1911 or AR. preferably both. and I can use the factory FMJBT that I have. thanks

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September 30, 1999, 04:07 PM
There's supposed to be a great range near LAX. It will allow you to shoot pistols and rifles up to .223 power.

Otherwise, to shoot the AR you'll have to go to east LA County or Riverside at the Azusa Canyon range (actually called "Burro Canyon") or the recently reopened Lytle Creek range.

Covert Mission
September 30, 1999, 08:07 PM
come out to ISI, in Piru CA... N of LA (take the I-5 up to Santa Clarita, then go W on 126 to Piru... about 1 hour from LA). Get more info at www.isishootists.com (http://www.isishootists.com)

We host monthly IDPA and Steel Challenge matches, and there is a rifle range literally next door. A lovely outdoor canyon location. You'll like it (PS: open only on weekends). If you need weekdays, there is a nice range in the same area, Santa Clarita, called "A Place to Shoot". Get the # from 805 directory assistance. Good luck.

October 1, 1999, 10:50 PM
American Indoor at Ruffin Road, San Diego 25yd indoor pistol/rifle $8.00/hr. South Bay Rod and Gun Club at Dulzura of highway 94, 100/200/300 rifle and 50yd pistol $10.00 all day

Bennett Richards
October 5, 1999, 11:26 PM
Oceanside Shooting Academy just off the I-5 and 76 in Oceanside. Boasts the most beautiful blonde RO you have ever seen. Be polite. She carries a Kimber PRO carry and knows how to use it. Big range, clean, will accept up to a 300 Win. Mag. $7 bucks for the whole day... Great and friendly place.

October 6, 1999, 10:27 AM

Try this:

It's as complete a list as I've seen for the So Cal area.