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October 4, 1999, 06:41 PM
After tending to trigger and shimming front sight base the Remington was ready to put to work. I really did appreciate offers of swapping scopes and the use of ammo but it's ok now!

At the range; cooler temps 75 F, wind light,
mirage a bitch at 100 yds! "Background is white sand at 1800 yds" Made sight adjustments for 100 yd zero and went to work.

Even though the Leuopold Mk 4 Mod 3 is a drop compensating scope I wanted the true 100 yd zero on the rig.

I chose to shoot 1 20 shot group. It came out at .735 high by .927 wide stringing to the right. I did not take the chrono as I was short on space for this trip. I only had the chance to shoot after we got done with our fall planting and had other stuff to haul in my truck.

I am impressed with this rig. While the rifle does have it's faults, most of which are easy to take care at little expense, I think that for the money a Remington PSS is a pretty good shooter out of the box! I will be the first to admit that I spent almost twice a much on optics and mounts as the rifle but what the heck.

After the formal sighting in etc. just took the rig plinking. I had a wonderful time.

Best to you all,