View Full Version : Shooting a Beretta 96f Border Marshall

October 2, 1999, 11:53 AM
Had the opportunity to shoot one of these a little while ago. Its a limited edition, kind of like an elite, only with out the stainless barrel, but with the brigadeer slide and trijicon night sights.
We used some federal hydro-shock, Remington UMC, American Eagle, and CCI blazer. There where no malfunctions.
I was really impressed with this gun, trigger pull was excellent, and the accuracy was very good. (I'm not a very good shot, so I can't really say what the group size would be) But I could easily hit the x ring at 15 yards, and cover the groups with the palm of my hand at 25.
It was one smooth gun, best trigger I've felt on a double action, recoil seemed mild probably because of the heavy brigadeer slide. And it even came with an extra set of rubber "houge like" grips if you didn't like the plastic ones. Fun gun to shoot. Picked it up for $600. Just thought I would share.