View Full Version : First time shooting my new gun

September 30, 1999, 11:46 AM
Yesterday I was able to shoot my first handgun for the first time, a S&W 686 Plus.
I had a great time and I love this gun. I shoot 100 CCI Blaser 158 gr .38SPL's through it. I really liked the rubber Hogue grips on the gun. It was the most comfortable to shoot centerfire handgun that I've fired so far. I fire mostly at about 7 yards in both SA and DA modes. I fired only a little bit at about 15 yards in SA.

I was never really comfortable shooting DA with the 2 other revolvers that I've tried, but I liked shooting DA with this gun. I adjusted to it very quickly and I had alot of fun shooting sort-of rapid fire.

I'm going on Friday to shoot again.

Christopher Nemeth