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September 27, 1999, 05:26 PM
Spent an interesting Sunday at the Vintage Cup Side by Side championship at Orvis in Millbrook NY. For those of you who don't know this is a sporting clays tournament held for S x S shotguns only put on by a group called the Order of Edwardian Gunners. I didn't shoot (Don't at present own a S X S) but went for the gun show and to hoot at some friends who were shooting.

Most of the shooters were decked out in English shooting garb, tweed jackets, breeks (Knickers for you rednecks) ties and hats. Some were even in 19th century costumes, including the ladies (I didn't ask if they were wearing corsets, not while they were carrying shotguns). The gun show was fabulous, all double guns, and was held outside in tents. Most of the dealers were in jackets and ties and were the most pleasant bunch of folks I have seen in some time. Many would invite you to pick up the guns and some even invited me to shoot their products at the wobble trap. Wish the media could have been there to see evil gun shows at work.

Highlite for me was when Dieter Krieghoff handed me a 500 nitro express double rifle to fondle. There is just something special about double rifles. One dealer even asked if I would like to pick up a Fabbri ( if you don't know about Fabbris, well, check out double gun journal, they start at 60K) I declined.

Watching a bunch of guys in formal clothes shoot clays is quite an experience, they even had a bagpiper play during lunch. Next year I'm going to steal a S X S to shoot if I have to. This is sort of the British version of Cowboy Action Shooting.

One thing I missed was the double rifle shoot, they held it during the week. Can you imagine a whole firing line with guys shooting 500 nitro express guns. I'm beginning to scheme how to purchase one of those gorgeous Krieghoff big five doubles, what the hell I'll use it for is beyond me.

It's amazing how many ways exist to have fun with guns.

Geoff Ross

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Bruce in West Oz
September 27, 1999, 07:25 PM
Sounds magnificent!! As you say, if it had been anything other than (gasp) guns, the media would have been swarming all over the event.