View Full Version : Winchester pre 64 model 70 - fitting a post 64 stock?

August 8, 2011, 09:29 AM
A while back I bought a shooter grade 1949 model 70 in 270 wcf aka the rifleman's rifle. I decided to leave it as a shooter. This is because the gun is a 270 (common), not mint, and the stock was cut for a butt pad. Rather than just shoot it as is, I want to replace the stock with a monte carlo stock. I found a few stocks on gunbroker which fit what I want, but they appear to be post 64 based on the ad.

**The gun in question is not a transitional model, and therefor does not have a cloverleaf tang or any of the pre war features. It is an early post war standard model. SN 130XXX. It is a plain standard model 70, IE its not any model variation (bull gun, target, featherweight, etc)

Can a post 64 be fit easily to a pre 64 action?

Has anyone fitted a post 64 stock to a pre 64 model 70, if so, what is involved?

Does anyone know of a source for a monte carlo stock for a pre 64 model 70?

Today I was on gunbroker, numrich, brownells, midway usa, gunsamerica and I only found a few that I liked, which were all on gunbroker. The other sites either had none stocked or were sold out.

I want the stock to be walnut, basically looking like the original, except monte carlo. I don't want a synthetic or some laminate thats grey, or honey colored etc.

Has anyone fitted a post 64 stock to a pre 64 model 70, if so, what is involved?

August 8, 2011, 11:42 AM
A post-64 stock should fit quite easily. The stock will have to be inletted for the sight base bulge in the barrel and perhaps some minor fitting for barrel profile, but the receiver is the same. Find one you like and go for it.