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August 28, 1999, 04:02 PM
After 25 yeas of marriage my wife finally agreed to go target shooting with me. I opted for an indoor range rather than my club which is outdoors & no targets less than 25 yards.

I started her off with my old H&R 929 22LR. She did not like firing it DA but was comfortable firing SA. She went through a box of 50 rounds with good results. She was getting decent groupings with some in the 10 ring and a couple in the X. I let her try my Taurus 85CH (DAO). She took a couple of shots, hit paper but did not like the recoil.

I'm going to borrow my friend's Beretta Bobcat and she how she goes with it. If she likes it I'll buy her one for her birthday in a couple of months.

August 29, 1999, 01:44 AM
Outstanding!!!! It took me a while to get my wife to the range, also. After I did, she realized that it can be lots of fun. As a gun suggestion for your wife, you might want to take a look at the Beretta .380s. They are very accurate, have low recoil and have pretty good triggers. My wife won't part with hers for anything; I know, I've tried! Good luck!!

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George Hill
August 31, 1999, 06:38 PM
Looks like you will now have a whole new world to argue about...
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The Critic formerly known as Kodiac

September 2, 1999, 12:29 AM
My wife has only been to the range once with me since I bought a Glock 19 2 1/2 years ago. She just doesn't like guns and I can't convince her otherwise. You guys are lucky.

September 2, 1999, 12:42 AM
That is great to hear. I have finally talked my girlfriend into going to the range with me. I can't wait for myself. I truly hope I have the same results.

George Hill
September 2, 1999, 05:28 PM
Some wives just can't get into them... Feeling that they are too stereotypical GUY THINGS.

Try some of those pro-shooting women books...
Armed and Female or that other one heavyly touted by the NRA. (Dont have time to look it up right at the moment)

Those MAY help overcome those Anti-Enthusiasm feelings.

My wife took 2 years to get to the range - And I did that by saying "Look - I tried something YOU LIKE - ballet. Now I would like it if you tried one of MY favorites."

No I didn't DO BALLET - I just watched it...
I swear! :)

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The Critic formerly known as Kodiac

September 6, 1999, 08:38 AM
BE CAREFUL! I took my wife shooting and she has taken over my Ruger GP100. She likes the weight of it and the Hogue monogrip on it (shooting .38's only). I bought her a LS65 in stainless, she likes the way it looks with the wood grips but still likes MY GP100 and won't let me have it!

Also, she likes shooting .22 rifles - I have a single shot and we have been shooting .22 CB's in the yard, very quiet, and the Ruger 10/22.

She still won't go to the indoor range with me, I'll just have to shanghi her and tell her we are going to the mall (which is nearby).

Glad your wife enjoys shooting with you.

Jessica Wellman
September 11, 1999, 10:10 AM
It's been two weeks exactly since you made this posting. Is your wife continuing to shoot with you?

I'm just wondering how many wives have gone as crazy over this new found sport as I have.

I pout on days I can't go shooting. They are calling me Annie Oakley, sure shot, dead eye... :D :D :D
I'm having the time of my life, and going broke too!!

Happy shooting,

September 11, 1999, 11:37 PM

I haven't done any shooting since I took my wife. I'll probably go tomorrow but will be taking my Contender and trying out a couple of new barrels; .375 Remington and .35 Winchester. I will wear shooting gloves for these so I think it will be a little too much recoil for my 90 pound wife. As soon as I borrow my friend's Beretta and my sister-in-law will agree to watch my mother-in-law for the day we plan to go back to the indoor range.

Jessica Wellman
September 11, 1999, 11:44 PM
:D :D :D
I would say that MAY be a little much for a 90 pounder.
I'm going to the range again Monday...I'm practicing until I can get those groups of mine in a 2" hole.
I'm not far from there!!
Happy shooting.

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September 13, 1999, 12:19 PM
My wife loves to go to range, but she never seems to have enough time due to job and other commitments. We used to go a couple of times a month at least when we lived out in west Texas. Now we try to go together during the summer when she has time off.

She shot marksman with the M-16 in the Army, BTW. I will say she is a much better shot than I am with a pistol. She can shoot well with either hand or two-handed, and it almost seems as though she is neither left or right-eye dominant. You have to see it to understand it, it's kind of weird.

Her accuracy is not affected by heavy recoil (we own 2 .357s, a .45 ACP, and a .44 Mag), but her biggest problem is fatigue with the larger, heavier weapons.

My biggest problem with her and shooting is that she's really stingy when it comes to letting us acquire more guns. Much as she liked the M-16 (and shamelessly brags about her prowess), every time I've talked about getting an AR she has some house remodeling project or something. Sheesh!

George Hill
September 14, 1999, 12:20 AM
I took my better half with me shooting this weekend. She is quite handy with my Bushmaster shorty now...
I am afraid she may want one now!

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Bruce from West Oz
September 15, 1999, 06:53 AM
My wife doesn't like shooting much -- she says she doesn't have the self-discipline to try to do what I try to do -- put 'em all in one hole.

However, one day at the range they were shooting ten-pins alongside us, and one of the fellas offered Di his .22 semi-auto. She wiped the table clean, one shot to each (they were balanced right on the edge).

She handed back the pistol, wiped her hands and smiled smugly. When I asked her if she wanted to take up pistol shooting with the Club, she just smiled that infuriating smile she gets and said, "Why? I know I can do that already!!"

Smart-arse!! :)


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September 20, 1999, 03:35 PM
I've had my wife shooting with me since 1994. She really enjoys shooting our 4" bbl Taurus 357 mag. Since that is our home protection gun, she wants to be really proficient with it, and she is.

She doesn't really like semi autos. Says there's too much going on with the slide and all that when she shoots them. However, the last time we went to the indoor range, I had her shooting my Glock 21 (45 auto), and she seemed to like it quite a bit. The caliber didn't bother her, and she was quite accurate with it.

I shoot at least once a week, but she comes out with me about every other month. The only problem is, even with that little bit of shooting she does every year, she's quite a good shooter. Sometimes she puts me to shame!!!