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September 17, 1999, 04:06 PM
I went to the range today with my HK USP .40C. Burned up 100 rnds of 180 gr Blazer working on double taps w/the DA/SA trigger. I'm getting to where I want to be...

As I was checking out the manager says "We got the True Fire System installed, wanna see?"

No sh#t I wanna see.

Well had to lay down the plastic for another 100 rnds and in I went. They have 3 scenarios, a western, a drug lord, and something else... bouncing balls or something.

I went with the drug lord scenario. It was entertaining, fast and fun. I should have had another 50 rnds. Overall, like Duke Nukem but with your own gun. Went too quick.

I think that I will stick with more meaningful handgun drills for the most part, and shoot the True Fire occasionally when I'm in the the mood for just fun. I didn't find the scenario to be really comparable to what an armed citizen would encounter. It was more like a Miami Vice episode. But that ain't all bad either.


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George Hill
September 18, 1999, 01:00 AM
No - it isn't practical use of your range time - but fun as heck.

Make sure that you steep yourself in the basics and you can play around with that kind of shooting for fun.

But - and be honest... You want to go back and do it some more right?

See - this is a good thing that can be used to promote shooting. Just as long as some one doesnt make it into a Primetime news story.

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