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George Hill
September 14, 1999, 04:37 AM
As you may already know - I have a Bushmaster with a 16 inch heavy barrel. It is set up like an M-4 and is a very nasty looking gun. Well, I had a lot of ammunition on hand - several cases that needed storage... Well, any selfrespecting shooter knows you cant just stow ammo away like a squirl with out going out and trying it. So Sunday right after church I headed out into the desert in my old beat up Jeep Commando (With new front end - long story) The Commando is a great shooting platform... And benched in the back with rifle resting on the spare tire I was able to make some good shots. I had a few other brands on hand other than my Winchester white boxed 55 grainers. I had some Hornady, and some Federal as well. I found that with the Hornady ammo I was getting consistant hits out at the furthest ranges on these pesky P-dogs... The Winchester stuff was good at only 2/3rds the range. 200 vs 300 yards.
The key to accurate shooting at these ranges is range finding. And to do this - I had a Sherpa guide... kidding. Since I did not have a rangfinder optical or lazer with me... I did it the old fasioned way - I walked the range and placed little orange flags that I had from a construction site. ( ;) ) Turns out my pace was off a bit but close enough...

My wife was with me, and a cousin... who I decline to admit she is a blood relative. All those Blonde jokes? They fit her like her undersized t-shirts...

I was using a Burris variable - 3-9X and even if it was on sale for 39.95, it worked fine... A red dot is fine for in the city - but out in the desert you want to zoom in to the ful Ninth power.
At range I was concerned about the power of the 55 grainers out of the 16 inch barrel... no problem. The his were solid and the Hornady VX rounds worked as advertised. The Winchester FMJ fodder did the trick when they connected - but not as convincingly.
We fired up about 500 rounds over a 3 hour period and then decided we wanted to go to "Chuck O Rama" My Bushmaster fired 100% reliable on very little oil...The moly coating acted as it should and the gun felt like it could have gone on a lot longer with out a cleaning... And boy did it need a cleaning! My wife was on fire after she got into it - she was shooting as fast as she got a target... and made quite a few hits. My cousin (shudder) screamed when she saw a dog get hit and dropped my binocs! Stieners! I was most pissed. She fired a couple rounds but only hit dirt at 50 feet... the gun was too heavy... Poor baby! Did I mention it was BENCHED? Anways - she is so blonde - when she sends a fax - there is always a stamp on it!

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Bruce from West Oz
September 15, 1999, 06:46 AM
Please, don't start the blonde jokes ... don't start the blonde jokes .... aarrgghh!!;(

What do you call a blonde with an IQ of 80?

A labrador

Two blondes locked themselves out of their BMW. They spent an hour trying to pick the lock.

"For heaven's sake," said one in exasperation at last. "Hurry up .... it's starting to rain .....

.... and the roof's down!!!!"