View Full Version : Work and spray and pray

September 14, 1999, 08:15 PM
Went to our private range that we also rent to the local police to paint the bench rest bases today. Took my 'deer' rifle to verify the sight in, a heavy 38 plate gun to sight in for a shoot on Thursday and wound up shooting one of the police Colt 9mm autos. This is the third automatic that I have shot, the first two were the 9 mm MP5 and the 45acp Thompson. It is nice to try out the things that you normally do not shoot, but auto still leave me, if not cold, no more than luke warm. That is good as here in Kalifornia only Class III FFL holders can possess fully them (at least that is what I understand). I guess they are going to take away our high capacity mags come Y2K. Good old Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, if the quake, smog, or the traffic jams don't get us the liberals will. Enjoy yourselves if you live in a 'friendlier' climate that this cold and barren political mess that we call Kalifornia. Jim