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September 7, 1999, 06:41 PM
This weekend I was lucky enough to help a nice fella relax on his vacation. He is working abroad, spending time between two countries that guns are not allowed in. He owns a Glock in .40 S&W (has 5 mags for it) and used to own a .357 mag. His gun experience is limited. He is a friend of one of my gun owning buddies and was spending part of his time home here in America with my buddy.
His friends in the other countries are surprised he carries a simple lockback knife around for utility purposes, let alone owning a semi-auto plastic pistol. Well, we decided to show those people how Americans have fun. He brought along a camera to the private range, and took pictures of everything. We didn't even have that many guns; my beloved Springfield M1A, 2 .22 rifles, some semi auto pistols including a 1911a1 type, a glock, a Beretta, a Ruger, a Browning Buckmark, and 2 revolvers- a Ruger .357 Mag and a .22 Mag. We went through hundreds of rounds shooting ata myriad of targets. I made sure to get a photo of him shooting at a man-size silohoutte so that all his friends in other countries know exactly why we practice with our guns. Of course, several cans and plastic bottles met their end as well. We also secured photos of the 3 of us holding all of the guns (our holsters, shoulders and hands were full!) and a separate photo of the whole "spread." We even took a photo of the empty brass we picked up.

He's a great guy, and I am glad I got to meet him and shoot with him. He was eager to shoot everything we had, and learned a lot. I think he is smart enough to go back and tell them how much fun we had, without making it seem like we are war mongerers or crazy kids waiting for the apocalypse. But I guess if it came along we would be prepared....

Happy Shooting!!!