View Full Version : Last weekend before Dove Season here in TX

Long Path
August 30, 1999, 07:59 PM
..., so I bought a big case of Remington clays, several boxes of crummy Winchester #8's and #7.5's ("Ultra Velocity!", but they give you only 7/8ths oz of shot for a 12 ga.!!!) for $2.50/box (not bad for 25 rd boxes!), and headed out to the range. Called my neophyte buddy to bring his new 870 Express, Called Rocky Road to bring his 20 and 12 ga. 1100's, and invited my wife.

Out in the heat we went Sunday morning. Even though I'm too lazy to remove the screw-on open sights from the vent rib 22" barrel of my 12ga 1100, I did rather well with the trap. Rocky Road did well, as long as he didn't try to show off. My neophyte friend did far better than he had any right to expect, given his form.

Then my wife drove up, just as we were finishing the targets. Never having shot a moving target with a shotgun before, she scored about 60% on her first 15 trap-thrown targets ever. Several of these were the "black dust"-type hits. I was very proud.

Then we function-fired my friend's Springfield 1911A1 with Trijicon sights, which the lucky [email protected]$tard bought from a pawn shop for $250! This thing shot well. I should be so lucky to find this kind of deal!

By 1:30PM, it was hot, and we were pretty much done. A day well-spent!

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