View Full Version : Janet Reno: Gargoyle or linebacker?

August 28, 1999, 05:19 AM
My vote is Gargoyle. She looks like something that is at home perched on a ledge with water streaming out of her mouth.

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George Hill
August 28, 1999, 08:47 AM
No, A Gargoyle is something that has an interesting history - used to scare away the evil spirits and stuff like that...
I like Gargoyles - took a pottery class in college and while I wasn't big on making vases and urns and crap like that, I made many learing Gargoyles. Teacher hated me.

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This would belong in either the Political or General section as this has nothing to do with range time. (Unless we are talkng about what we would like to see downrange ;) )

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