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August 18, 1999, 05:12 PM
My huntin' buddy & I spent this past Sunday at Carter's just north of Houston. What a blast!

We hadn't been since last year before deer season (on that trip, my buddy bought a brand new Winchester Mdl 70, in 7mm Mag, with a Leaupold 3x9 -nice rig, and as he's lining up for his first shot, an eight point buck walks across the range and steps into his crosshairs -pretty cool huh! btw it was at night -lighted range-, and only one other shooter was out. We watched in awe,I through my scope ;) as the buck WALKED across the range.)

Anyway this was our first trip out in a while during the day, and what a place! They've got ranges from 7 to 200 yards, as well as Trap, Skeet, and Country Clays.
We ran a couple hundred rounds through my .45. Sig owes me some money, or another gun, some ammo or something cause I've sold another P220 for them. So far two of my friends have bought P220's after shooting mine, and another will be bought soon. Great Gun! Then we hit the 200 yard range, I put 3 in the bull with my .270, and called it good (ammo gets expensive ya know!) After that we trotted down to the Trap Range to break in my friends new Mossberg 835. I was using my ol' reliable Winchester pump-gun. My first round I shot 16 out of 25, and my buddy shot 11 (he hadn't shot a shotgun in about 3 years). On the second round I again shot 16, and my buddy got 9. On my next to last shot, the slide on my gun broke :(, so I borrowed my buddy's gun & dusted the last clay, proving that the gun was in fact just fine, but the shooter needs work ;). Well, I've got the part for my gun on order, but they better hurry, Dove Season is just a few weeks away, and we've got a sweet hunt lined up Laborday Weekend ;).

The place is really clean, and the staff is very helpfull, and keeps things moving so that noone feels rushed, but everyone gets their turn. Everyone had a great time!
If your ever in Houston, and want to check it out, send me an e-mail. Almost any excuse will have me ready to go (unless I'm huntin')

Oh yeah, they've also got a fully decked out Store with tons of guns, huntin' gear, & reloading stuff, as well as dozens of Bill Carters trophys (worth the trip just to see!).


August 18, 1999, 05:43 PM
I'm at Carter's almost every other Friday afternoon. (We have what's called a 9/80 work schedule here- you may be familiar with the concept. It's one of the best benefits my company has) I usually bring at least two handguns and burn up a couple hundred rounds. I also took my CCW class there on a Saturday, and if they use the same instructor all the time, I recommend it highly. I also bought my .45 Commander and my .357 Model 60 there. They have pretty competitive pricing on guns and have sale items every week.

August 26, 1999, 08:31 PM
When I lived in Houston used to go to Carters at least 2 or 3 times a month, nice to know that it hasn't changed and has just gotten better. Now if the good people of North Carolina would just build a range like Carter's............

Forgot the name of the range but there is one in Pasedena ( or used to be) indoor only right off of Spencer Hwy. nice clean and friendly people local leo's stop by to chat and give pointers.

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