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Futo Inu
August 16, 1999, 06:12 PM
This is a bit off-the-wall. Something in Coinneach's post made me think of it, and it is a hybrid topic of Ranges & Reloading, so I put it here to help jump-start the new forum.

What about shared RELOADING resources at ranges? Instead of everyone investing in all that durned equipment, you could simply pay a fee to use the equipment for x number of hours to roll your own in a special room at the range, whether public or private. You bring all of your supplies (brass, powder, etc.) and sign a disclaimer of liability of course, then have at it with the best equipment and all the accessories you might need. I pay for it, at least until I could afford all the equipment myself. It would be especially good for big city dwellers who typically don't have enough room in their domocile for a temperature-controlled reloading workshop. Also, expertise would be readily available should you become stumped or have a question about your reloads. Also, it would promote more conversation and community among the shooters.

August 16, 1999, 07:09 PM
Futo Inu, You have a good thought but...
You are welcomed to come to my house and use my gear under my watchful eye. If you know what you are doing and how to do it I will gladly sit back and play with my computer. If you have questions I will gladly share my knowledge with you or help you look it up.
I know that you will be very careful with my
toys and that you will leave the work area exactly as you found it.
Now suppose that you, I, and 50 other folks go partners on a press, powder measure, scale
etc. How long do you think that it will last or even stay around.
You or any other shooter should be able to find someone in your club or area to help get you started. Besides, you really want to have your bench where you can use it when you have the time and or need.
My .01 I figure .02 is too much for MHO
Good Shooting, Hank

Futo Inu
August 17, 1999, 09:22 AM
Good point. I suppose it would definitely not work at a public range, but maybe a private shooting club.

August 17, 1999, 02:18 PM
Public Storage... Bad idea...

Insurance for that would kill the club.

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