View Full Version : Indoor Range helps a "newbie"

August 12, 1999, 11:54 PM
When I first decided to "get into guns", I had never fired anything larger than a .22 rifle. I went to a place in Portland, Oregon called "The Place to Shoot". I told them about my level of experience (almost none), and that I wanted to learn to use a handgun, but I was concerned that I would find the recoil un-pleasant. Well, they walked me thru basic safety procedures, rented me a .38 revolver, showed me how to hold it, talked about proper stance, and basically held my hand thru the first 5-10 rounds. Over the next several visits, I shot Glocks in 9mm, .40, and .45 as well as several other makes and models. The people there were always friendly and helpful. I would reccomend them to anyone, and I hope that other ranges in other parts of the country are as helpful in educating people in the art and enjoyment of firearms.

Futo Inu
August 16, 1999, 06:18 PM
Good to hear it.