View Full Version : High velocity WOW!

Paul B.
August 14, 1999, 01:15 PM
Went to the range day before yesterday to chrongraph some loads. The 06 gave 2770 fps with a 180 gr. bullet. Powder unknown. Got 9 pounds of the stuff for free. It was though to be H-4831. Figured I'd be safe and used IMR-4831 data, as it is faster burning. Hit what appears to be max. pressurewise. Checking in my manuals, I'd bet a considerable amount of money that it is IMR-4350. Will check it out in some other rounds. ( I know the dangers of unknown powers. I also know how to handle them so no flames please.)
The other gun was a .300 Win. Mag. 3070 fps, and case expansion is still much less that factory. The powder was WMR, which the Olin Corp. has in it's esteemed wisdom, chosen to discontinue.
Accuracy? The 06 put the first two shots about .5 apart with the third round about one inch from the first round. Final group 1.25 inches. The .300 does about 1.5. Probably a good trigger job would help there.
Barrel lengths? 06-24" 300-26". Temperature? About 96 to 98. It gets hot this time of year in southern Arizona. HEE HEE HEE. Good time of year to test hot loads. If they are safe now, should be no problem come hunting season.
Paul B.