View Full Version : .22 Rifle Ammo Question

October 6, 2000, 09:23 AM
Have just recently purchased a rossi combo .22/.410, they say that only .22LR ammo should be used. Can't understand the reason for this as it is a break-open single shot rifle. Anyone out there that could help me understand the reasoning behind this would greatly be appreciated. Bought the gun thinking that I could shoot .22 shorts and .22 C.B. caps in the rifle.

James K
October 6, 2000, 05:17 PM
I know of no reason that rifle will not shoot .22 Shorts and CB caps. The maker's intent may have been to make sure the purchaser knows the rifle is not for .22 WMR.

At one time, both .22 Long and .22 Short were common and many rifles were marked ".22 Short/Long/Long Rifle". Today the .22 Long is gone, and the .22 Short is hardly ever used, so guns are normally marked only for .22 LR, even if they will work fine with the other cartridges.

Two other thoughts come to mind. One is that the rifling twist is designed for the .22 LR. The other is the common old concern about lead buildup at the front of the chamber from firing short cartridges. In some guns, this buildup can be great enough to eventually prevent chambering a .22 LR.