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July 26, 2011, 09:25 PM

I wanted to clear the air with everybody here because I think I have been misunderstood slightly. I know I have been on other forums.

I posted a review of an SBR I finally got on this forum. I also posted my review on many other gun forums. My main reason for doing this was to show off my new toy, but one of the products my SBR came equipped with was a replacement for the Larue AK IronDot mount that I know everybody has been looking for since Larue discontinued them. I figured just about anybody with an AK would want to see it. Unfortunately, I got mislabeled as a 'guerilla marketer' which I had never heard of before, but on this forum and a few others I was accused of having an affiliation with the company that made my SBR.

I want to clear the air with that. I have no connection to them, I was just sharing my new gun.


Hey guys!
I originally posted this on a different forum, but I thought you all might enjoy it or be interested as well, so here you go!

Apologies in advance for what turned out to be a really long post. Hopefully you guys will find it interesting and relevant.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything – been really busy. But I wanted to show you my newest, baddest toy! I finally got an NFA item…Introducing my SBR AK! I thought about building mine, and actually almost started it, until I ran into a company that did it almost exactly how I wanted it (in fact some things they included made it a little better) for barely more than it would cost me myself. Plus I had the luxury of not spending time on ordering parts, waiting to assemble, etc. All I had to do was order it and put my paperwork in! ATF took about 3 months but the process was actually fairly smooth and once I got my tax stamp, I got my SBR.

Here it is: my Attero Arms AK SBR review.

I know you’re all itching to see it (if you didn’t skip the above paragraph for the pictures anyway). I will just throw the pictures into the post so that as you read through you can also see pictures.


This isn’t an ordinary SBR from what I can see – I’ve handled some Draco SBRs and some Krinks. The Krinks are sweet, but they are really expensive and I prefer the normal AK platform personally. This SBR takes normal AK parts like Handguards and pistol grip (minus shorter gas piston). It is made by a company called Attero Arms and Accessories. According to their website, Attero is run by two current service members, which I thought was cool.

Anyway, Attero included some things on their AK that I wouldn’t have thought of. On their website they probably list it in more detail, but here is what I noticed:

A bolt hold open notch in the safety lever. I know lots of people have done this but I do think it is a great feature to have on any AK. They also did something to the feed ramp to make sure hollow points feed reliably since I guess some hollow points are shorter and don’t feed well. Never encountered that problem on my full-size AK but I have heard of it happening so I am glad they took care of it.


Ok, now for possibly the sweetest part about this rifle, which I couldn’t have done myself (besides the looks, which I find fairly simple but very clean…the color scheme just works really well). Attero includes their original product with every SBR they make – it’s this optics mount called the “Attero Arms AK Micro Optics Mount” and it replaces the rear sight. Mine came to me installed so I am not sure how tough installation is. I put a a Burris FastFire on mine. Since the original iron sights were removed, there are built in iron sights with white dots. I think the iron sights are actually better than the stock ones because the rear sight channel is wider and you can pick it up much quicker with the white-dots they have on the front and rear sights. I think if you order the mount separately they also give you a replacement front sight but I am not positive as mine came on the SBR.


Anyway, this mount is sweet. I am sort of surprised I hadn’t heard about it before. I plan on getting one soon for my full-sized AK. If people are interested I could do a review on that too perhaps. From my range time, I can say that the mount has not moved or wiggled at all. It makes quick shots and follow up shots both really really easy. I had to adjust the irons a little bit but once I got them dialed, they were easy to use as well. The white dots are nice. Even with the mount really close to my receiver cover, I can easily remove and reattach the cover for cleaning. You can see below how close the mount is to the reciever.


Ok, that’s the mount. If you have an AK, this is the only way to have optics on it. I already trashed my old ‘side clamp’ mount…I never realized how poor of a cheek weld I was getting until I went out and shot my SBR. Since the optics are so close to the receiver, I can get an AR style cheek weld while co-witnessing my optics. Love it.


Alright on to the rifle itself. It is truly awesome to shoot. Being an AK SBR there is definitely a huge muzzle blast. This thing is nothing short of a cannon! Definitely was attracting attention at the range. The folding stock was a little stiff when I first got it, but its broken in now and works great. I really like that it locks in the closed position as well as the extended one because the ACE mechanisms don’t do that and I find it annoying. All you have to do to open the stock is pull on it though. Once you give a little pressure it releases and folds into the open position where it locks firmly. No wiggle whatsoever which I was actually sort of surprised about. Everything on this rifle is sturdy. The trigger is not match grade but it isn’t sloppy either. No trigger slap and the reset was actually pretty nice. I don’t see myself changing the trigger. I think it’s a Tapco, if that makes a difference. The hand guards are just sweet. The rail covers they included really break up the coyote and I just love how it looks to be honest. I am not sure about if I will mount anything yet. The pistol grip is a Hogue and is extremely comfortable – feels maybe a touch wider than the Hogue that came from the factory on my Rock River AR. It matches the hand guards and I can’t say enough about how much I love what they did with the color scheme.

Can anybody tell I love this rifle?

Accuracy was better than I expected. No, you won’t shoot Minute of Angle with a 11.5” AK. But you will shoot nice groups at 50 or 100yds. I handed my rifle off to a retired Marine at my range who managed to shoot a 20rd group about the size of my fist. He cared less about his group and more about my SBR though.

I had no failures of any sort which is to be expected from an AK, but I was using Wolf JHP’s so I guess their feed-ramp fix works. I have put 1100 rounds through it so far.

Other than what I’ve covered I am not sure what else somebody would want to know. I called Attero to ask if they have any sort of 16” model with the same features so that people could get them without the ATF paperwork and 4 month wait. The gentleman I spoke with says they are working on it now because they’ve been receiving a lot of those requests. Personally I like the SBR – with the stock folded I can fit it in my backpacking pack when I go hiking. It also fits in a tennis racket case! Not sure if that’s cool or scary. Both maybe.

Here is a comparison pic with my standard bone-stock AK. It shows the SBR with the muzzle brake removed AND stock folded.


Well what do you guys think of my new toy? Like it? I think my favorite part about this thing, besides how it looks, is that optics mount. It really makes it so there is nothing better about my AR anymore. I find myself taking this SBR to the range a lot more.


July 27, 2011, 11:32 AM
That is incredibly slick. I love it! :)

July 30, 2011, 08:51 PM
How does it shoot? What will it do at 100 yds and is it ammo finicky?

July 30, 2011, 10:37 PM
It shoots better than I expected for a 11.5" barrel. At 100 yards I can get actually pretty decent groups with it. It can keep up with my 'full size' 16" AK.

I think the 16" AK will outperform it past 100, maybe 150. The trigger on it makes it possible to keep up with my 16" AK.

the Draco platform (and other AK's too) sometimes have issues feeding the JHPs because they are slightly shorter and contact below the feedramp, getting stuck. This one's feed ramp has apparently been modified (you can find details on their website I'm sure) and I have not had any feed issues, to include wolf JHPs.

August 3, 2011, 08:44 AM
i took a draco and built it from there myself i'm looking at around $725 stamp and all other taxes for my purchases note i did not step up to the mi quad rail yet either

my question is how much did they run you or is it def. worth having a company do all the leg work

here are 2 pics of my first nfa build

August 3, 2011, 09:10 AM
by the way yes i do love you're sbr ak the mount is a sweet looking upgrade and three dots yes please
i think i'm going to go the meprolight route and see if those are worth anything

i wish i had just bought the midwest rail to begin with i put one on a friends draco and it's nice

August 3, 2011, 09:12 AM
i've been really pleased with my yankee hill phantom flash hide it tames the fire breathing cannon

how does the one that came on yours compare to not having anything on the muzzle

August 10, 2011, 07:07 PM
I have several more questions. 1. Is it balanced or front heavy like my Sig 556? How is the folding stock attached to the receiver? I hear that the YHM Phantom is supposed to work well on one of these. Anyone seen it and have any comments on effectiveness?

August 16, 2011, 10:33 PM
That is a damn nice lookin' rifle......

August 21, 2011, 06:19 PM
Hey Twister, don't lets these complaining guys bum you out! I'm glad that you posted these pictures of your rifle. If you hadn't posted them, then we wouldn't have known about Attero Arms and their products. I would like to know how it is shooting. It seems sort of expensive. The Century pistol sells for $399. I can't tell if that is their starting product or if they shortened and modified a rifle. Anyone have any information?

August 28, 2011, 05:55 PM
The Draco pistols come into the country exactly like you see them. They can do that because they are classed as a pistol and they dont have near the restrictions on them.

The Draco is a great platform to SBR, I've built several myself. The gas system works fine the way it is, all you have to do is stick a stock on it and if you want, you can change out the furniture.

I've been doing them with Magpul grips and rigging Magpul stocks as folders and putting a Midwest Industries foregrip on them. They look good and shoot good.

September 3, 2011, 11:37 AM
I understand that to be legal, you would have to register it as a SBR and buy a stamp. Having said that, how difficult is it to add a stock to the Drako Pistol?
Where are you in Arkansas? I grew up in Tillar (SE)