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September 16, 2000, 01:52 PM
I just picked up a very nice old Stevens 520
12 ga. Can anyone provide me with a source
(preferably a website) that gives assembly/
disassembly information for this shotgun?
Also I'd be interested in any anecdotal info
about this gun. Much appreciated.

Harley Nolden
September 16, 2000, 05:01 PM
The only thing I have is the blow-up photo along with the part numbers. You can find parts on the web @ gunparts.com. If you would like the blow up I can send it by separate email.


September 16, 2000, 05:48 PM
Thanks, but I already have that from my
GPC catalog. Just tinkering around with it
this afternoon I've figured out part of the
disassembly process (and tinkering is 80%
of the fun with old, inexpensive firearms).
I just didn't want to be surprised by minute
springs winging off into the carpet or wondering why there's still parts left over
after reassembly. Both have happened to me.
Thanks again, Dave

Johnny Guest
September 17, 2000, 08:10 PM
Stevens 520, huh? I think that was model number of a military riot gun or "Trench" gun I had in 69 or 70.

General field stripping begins with front half removal.

Clear carefully--no shells in chamber or magazine, etc. Can't recall if you begin with action open or closed, and if closed, cocked or not. Try both ways.
Unscrew magazine tube as far as it will go. Pull slide handle toward muzzle as far as possible. Slide the barrel-mag assembly downward out of engagement with receiver. If stuck, you may have to Smack top rear of barrel to get the mortise joint loose.

Sorry, but I forget how disassembly goes from this point, but as I recall, it is pretty straight forward. Just remember to put all parts in ziplock bags and such, so you'll have all the parts when you take it to the gun smith for reassembly.

Incidentally, I probably ruined collector's value of my 520 shotgun when I drilled and tapped a hole in bottom rear of magazine tube frame. I put a 1/4-20, large, knurled head bolt in it. I could load magazine and run the bolt in, and then do the take-down with a loaded magazine. Had a little case for it, and it made a pretty neat package.

Seriously-- Good luck.

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