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Rich Lucibella
March 1, 2000, 01:11 PM
Here ya go, Harley!

It seems that these actions, in .308, were imported up until 1980. What I'm most interested in are those with the intergral rear popup site in the receiver...they are rather difficult to find.

What was the history of this feature?
What is the value of such rifle?
Were the receivers for thse rifles different from those for the "normal" ZKK? (ie: could I think about a custom installation of the same feature?)

Rich Lucibella

Harley Nolden
March 2, 2000, 08:18 AM
I am unfamiliar with this rifle. Is it a Mauser type, bolt Action?


March 2, 2000, 09:50 AM
According to my books there were actually three different models made; the ZKK 600, ZKK 601 and the ZKK 602. They featured a Mauser-style action with controlled feed, non-rotating extractor and dovetailed receiver in three action lengths. The pop-up sights were discontinued in 1977.
The 600 was offered in 7x57mm, 7x64mm, .270 or .30-06. The 601 as above but in .243 or .308. The 602 also as above but in .300 Holland & Holland, .375 Holland & Holland or .458 Win Mag.
Pricing from a 1996 Standard Catalog is 600 and 601 NIB $US650 - Poor $US250. The 602 NIB $US750 - Poor $US325. Add $US100 to prices for the pop-up receiver sight. Adjust pricing accordingly for current values. :)
I think the action was the same. The book makes no mention of a separate action. It appears the sight was an optional accessory.

Rich Lucibella
March 2, 2000, 10:14 AM
fal's info jives with the little I know. This action was used by Cooper to build some of the original Scout rifles. By adding a Schneider barrel with milled forward mount, they wound up with a dependable action, forward mount scope and *outstanding* backup sights that made weight.

I just came into posession of a ZKK 601 without the popup and want to duplicate the project. The two main issues are the popup sight (which Ashley Emerson has promised to duplicate) and a barrel with scope lug: Schneider is not interested in creating another so I'm looking at alternatives.

If I could get a line on the original popup sight mechanism, it would be a great help. I do have access to one for duplication purposes, however.
Rich Lucibella

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March 3, 2000, 12:53 PM
here is a picture: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~gmcbryde/rifles/zkk601.html

these guys have a BRNO 550 listed and a synthetic stock: http://shooting-online.co.za/GRCArms/grcarms.htm

these guys have the BRNO 611 .22mag rifle http://www.gunsareus.com/BRNOZKM611.htm

millett lists BRNO scope rings: http://www.millettsights.com/catalog/weaver/tika_brno_sako.html

Harley Nolden
March 3, 2000, 02:28 PM
Boy! this is completely out of my knowledge and records. Wish I could help.


March 3, 2000, 02:39 PM
Basic information

Business Name:
âeská Zbrojovka, a.s.
Date of Founding:
Svatopluka âecha 1283, Uhersk* Brod 688 27, Czech Republic
District Commercial Court-Brno
Registration No.:
Company type:
(a.s) Joint Stock Company
Licenced to Conduct Business in:
Machine Tool Production
+042 633 651111
+042 633 633665


P. O. Box 171073 Kansas City, KS 66117-0073,
Toll free: 1-800 955 4486, Fax: 913 321 2251
E-mail: [email protected]
www.cz-usa.com (http://www.cz-usa.com)

Union CS, s. r. o.
29. Augusta 15, Martin 036 01, Slovakia
Tel: 00421-8424237357
E-mail: [email protected]

âeská Zbrojovka, a. s. is a company operating in the precision mechanical engineering field in the
following branches:

weapons for armed military and police units, as well as for hunting and sporting purposes
components, parts and assemblies for the aircraft and motor industries
cutting tools and special tooling for machine production

Period: 1965 - 1975
7.65 mm calibre pistols, The âZ calibre 6.35 mm and the DUO, calibre 6.35 mm
The ZKR 590 Grand revolver, in calibres .38 and .22
The ZKK 600, 601 and 602 hunting rifles
The ZKW 465 Hornet rifle and the ZKW 465 Fox rifle
The ZKM 452, 561, 573 and 581 small-bore rifles

Period: 1975-1988

The ZKM 452 - 2E small-bore rifle, the CZ 511 automatic small-bore rifle
Hunting Rifles - The ZKW 465, 680 âZ 527, in calibres.22 Hornet, .222 Rem and later .223 Rem
Long Rifles-The ZKK 600, 601, and 602, calibres .243 Winchester to .458 Winchester
The CZ 537 rifle

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March 3, 2000, 02:48 PM
here is a parts diagram for the 550 http://www.czub.cz/detail/images/cz550ro.jpg

and here is a cut away: http://www.czub.cz/detail/images/cz550rea.jpg
what i cannot tell is if the 550 evolved from the 601

what about going with an ashley? http://www.ashleyoutdoors.com/mounts.html



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Rich Lucibella
March 4, 2000, 09:58 AM
Thanks for the try.

Great info, thanks. The Ashley mount is not on option on this one as it adds weight and I intend to keep it under 7 pounds. Scout Six was built on the ZKK 601 action, but has the popup rear sight. Ashley has already agreed to retrofit the receiver of mine with such sight, if i can get it, or reproduce it if not.

Fred Wells did the original barrel for Scout Six. It was lathed in such manner as to result in a "ring" of steel at the position of the forward mount. This was then milled into a mounting lug. Fred is quite old and infirmed now, but I think I have a line on a barrel blank that he did. If not, we'll keep looking for a cooperative barrel maker....maybe go for a fluted barrel.


August 30, 2000, 09:59 AM
so Rich...

how is the scout BRNO project going?