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August 25, 2000, 07:36 PM
Would you know what is the Colt Firearm for which the .455 Colt Cartridge was made? The case is slightly longer than a .455 Webley.


Jim V
August 25, 2000, 08:25 PM
NEW SERVICE revolver.

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Harley Nolden
August 26, 2000, 05:30 AM
I realize that your question was specific, however, I thought you might like some history behind the .455 ctg.

The 455 Revolvere MkI was adopted by the British army to replace the 476 MkIII and the 455 Enfield MkI ammunition.
Despite the different caliber designation, these two cartridges actually have the same case dimension. They differ only in bullet diameter, type and construction. The 476 was
a blackpowder cartridge and so was the 455 MkI at its inception. However, in 1894 the propellant was changed to the then new Cordite, and after a few years, it was found the smokeless powder burned more efficiently in a shortercase. Consequently a shorter case was adopted in 1897 and this
altered round was designated the 455 Revolver MkII.

The MarkII British revolver cartridge adopted in 1897 anddesignated the 455 Revolver MkII. It is a modification of an
earlier round originally designed for blackpowder (455 Revolver MkI) Modern revolvers will chamber and fire either
the old or new cartridge. The 455 Webley was used officially in both WWI and II, although it was partly replaced by the
380/200 (38S&W) adopted in the mid 30's. In addition to the Webley revolver, both Colt and S&W chambered arms for this cartridge.

476 ELEY
Introduced: 1881
Other Names: 476 Enfield MkIII
British military cartridge used from late 1881 to mid 1891,when the 455 Webely revolver cartridge, MkI was introduced. This round has the same case and bullet dimensions as the 455
MkI except the latter is .05mm shorter in case length. Unlike the 476 MkII the MkIII has aclay plug in the holow base. The charge was 18 grains of black-powder. also known as the 476 Eley and 476 Revolver, the MkIII can be used in any British service 455, but the bullet may be a bit large for use in 455 Colts of S&W's of late manufacture.

This info may ans your queston regarding the size.