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July 21, 2011, 07:26 PM
I hope I am posting this in the right place if not please feel free to let me know.

Let me start out with a little back story here....

As a child I remember dad having a gun rack on the wall going up the stairs, I also remember that there were always 2 guns on that rack. When I was around 8 or 9 the upstairs of the house caught fire and it traveled to a small portion of the stairs before it was put out. I didn't see the guns or even think about them for years. Recently I have taken an interest in shooting and have had several conversations with my dad about them. Today while we were talking he got up and walked to the back of his closet. He came out with part of a rifle. I could see a little sadness in his eyes when he began talking about it. Turns out this was one of the guns on the rack during the fire. It was J Stevens Arms Marksman breaktop 22LR. All that was left was the metal pieces. Both the rear and front stock had burned off. The metal pieces were in ok shape and could use a little work, but are salvageable, and the trigger mechanism still works.

I decided that if at all possibel I would love to be able to sneak this thing out and get it all fixed up for dad as a nice surprise. Does any one know where I could get the stocks for this gun? I have looked a lot of places and have been able to find a few parts but not the stock(s). Any help I could get would be aprecciated.


Edit: Here is a link to guns america that looks like the same gun


That one seems to be a .32 Caliber but looks the same.