View Full Version : Two Questions About a FN Browning Highpower

Hard Ball
August 12, 2000, 05:43 PM
I have a FN Browning Hipower which I believe was manufactured by FN before the German invasion of Belgium in June 1940. It is a standard Belgian military model with the adjustable long range sight abd no stock lug.
The markings are correect for a Belgian army pistol, however German Waffenmat test and acceptance marks have been added, Is there a source which gives production date versus serial numbers for early FN Highpowers?

Second, the pistol came with one spare magazine. Both original magazines work perfectly, however when I have tried to pick up additional magazines I find that they are to large to slip into the magazine well. I have tried magazines from two other FN Highpowers made at the same time and they worked fine. Does anyone know of a design change that would account for this?