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Jim V
August 5, 2000, 03:18 AM
I just bought a Yugo M-48 Mauser in 7.9m/m. The rifle liiks new with a bright bore, all matching #'s, the crest intact. What can anyone tell me about the rifle?

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Big Bunny
August 6, 2000, 10:44 PM
Likely to be a re-worked Brno K98k from war-time nazi controlled/manufactured spares stocks maybe for military use?

The crest sounds interesting, what is it of ?
Could be for export perhaps.

What is it worth, I wonder....

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James K
August 6, 2000, 10:49 PM
Most Yugoslav Model 48s are K98k's and most, if not all, were ex-German with the original markings ground off. There are some Czech Vz24's also. They are good rifles and many were rebarrelled. If the barrel is good, they are good shooters and collector value is not significant so they will make up into nice sporters, although (depending on what the customer wants) sporterizing one may cost more than a commercial sporting rifle.


Jim V
August 7, 2000, 05:27 AM
The crest has not been added to a re-worked WWII German K98k. The crest, as far as I can tell from the books I have, is Yugoslavian. There are no indications that other markings have been ground off and the current markings added.

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"If there be treachery, let there be jehad!"

August 8, 2000, 12:40 PM
If the rifle is a Yugoslav Model 48, it was made at the Kragujevac Arsenal after 1948. The Yugoslavs liked K98k type Masuers so well that they decided to make a whole lot more of them after WWII. 48 is for 1948, but I don't know the beginning and end production dates, nor the numbers produced.
Lots of these are being sold right now and the condition of most is almost like new.
The Yugoslavs also reconditioned masses of 98 mausers that they had before and captured during the war. These were from many different original manufacturers and various time periods. If you are good at knowing various little mauser marks, you can often figure out what they originally were. These are also being sold right now, hence the confusion.