View Full Version : Ballistic infor on 9mm Luger ?

August 7, 2000, 11:12 PM
Tonight our local Tac-Nite had a course of fire involving steel poppers at 25-30 yards. I missed them terribly, and want to blame something besides my trigger pull.

What is the vertical drop on a typical (not +P) 9mm handgun round, shot out of a semi-auto pistol (Glock 19) at 25 and 30 yards ?

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Harley Nolden
August 8, 2000, 07:15 AM
I don't have the Ballistic information that would provide that, however, from the sounds of it your rounds were going some-what low on the target. You did not say if you had shot this course, with this gun, before, but I am surmizing that you have shot it and found it adequate.

In a tac situation a lot of physical and mental things occur. Just from your brief desctiption I would determine that your difficulty was 80 pounds finger pressure applied to a 4 pound trigger pull. Possibly you may want to post this in the relaod section of TFL I'm sure some one can assist you.


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August 8, 2000, 07:28 AM
This is the longest range shot I have ever attempted with a handgun. It may have been a trigger control issue, but I am not yet convinced of that. I will seek info from the reloading people.