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August 2, 2000, 10:33 PM
i picked up an old scott single barrel, percussion cap, muzzle loader at a gun show, recently.and i am having difficulty finding any relevant info on this type of shotgun.
the barrel is pattern welded 30 inches long, octagonal, originally a 16 guage, bored to 20 guage(?), or 3/4 of an inch diam, does this sound right? not sure how guage is worked out.It has rifle like sights on it, a vee at the stock end and a ball at the muzzle, and the barrel mounts the stock via a hook at the back of the barrel, and a pin 3 inces from the end of the stock, the bottom of the barrel has T.H stamped near the locking pin (i belkieve this is an owners initial) from the breech end of the barrel there are markings in order a symbol, that looks like something crossed out, then a symbol that looks like a raven or crow, the the same crossed out symbol, then 16 (guage i presume) then something that apperas to be a croosed swords or a leaf of some description, then HB are the final markings, the word SCOTT are etched into the hammer plate.
any and all help, regarding age, reliability, accuracy etc, would be greatly appreciated
look forward to hearing from the experts

it aint the size of your stick its......aw what am i sayin, course its the size of your stick

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