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July 25, 2000, 11:23 PM
I'd like to know the history of a remington shotgun that I own. It used to be my dad's and I was told that it purchased in the 30's.
It's a 16 ga., A-5 type shotgun with a plain barrel and fixed choke. There is a duck on the left side of the reciever with the Remington enblem and a pheasent on the right. The bolt has been left in the white and has "The Sportsman" engraved on it. There is no magazine cutoff and I understand that Remington's A-5 clone is called the Model 11. Is this the same gun in a gussied-up version?

I've started shooting it again after a 10 year hiatus and it shoots very well for me and I am intertested in obtaining a 12 gauge version with choke tubes or possibly a 16 gauge replacement barrel with chokes tubes. I am especially interseted in one with barrels of 30-32" with choke tubes. Will the Browning barrels also fit my Remington or other A-5 clones? If so, would you or anyone else know of a good source for replacement 12 or 16 gauge barrels? Thanks

Dave McC
July 27, 2000, 08:36 AM
Sounds like a Model 11 to me,Bergeron. Some parts interchange with Browning's. some don't, good news is it hardly ever needs parts.

Was given a 12 ga 11 by a relative. Took it to Guns R Us, and my smith buddy replaced all the springs and the friction ring,called it a 10,000 round rebuild. Cost was low.

Over on the Shotgun Forum I just posted a list of aftermarket parts vendors for older Remington shotguns.Hope it helps you...

July 27, 2000, 11:42 AM
Thanks Dave McC, I will put your information to good use.